Wordless Wednesday – Orange

August 27, 2014



Wordless Wednesday – Pollinator

August 20, 2014




August 18, 2014

Phlox have been around for a long time and there are many cultivars. They were prominent in gardens in the first half of the 1900’s and fell out of favor in the second half of the century. Recently they have resurfaced as a garden favorite.

Love them or leave them? I love them because my grandmother grew them in her farm-house garden, and I remember picking bouquets for her kitchen when I was a child. The minute I look out and see them or smell them, I smile just thinking of her.

Phlox Garden Collage

Phlox Collage

Although I have beautiful blooms every year, I also have powdery mildew on the leaves.  It makes it a little difficult to bring them inside unless you strip all the leaves off and fill in with some other greenery which is what I usually do.


Powdery mildew comes from dampness, high humidity, lack of air circulation and growing non-resistant varieties in the shade. Well…guilty on a couple of counts – air circulation, partial shade and non-resistant varieties.

There are sprays you can purchase or you can make a DIY version of water, baking soda and horticultural oil. I may have to give that a try next year.

For the rest of this growing season, I’ll just look, smell, remember, and smile.

Here’s hoping you are enjoying your garden because dare I say – that ‘next’ season is heading our way. :-)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

August 15, 2014
Weathervane, Great Island Common, New Castle, New Hampshire

Weathervane, Great Island Common, New Castle, NH


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Wordless Wednesday – Red, White and Blue

August 13, 2014




August in New England

August 11, 2014

All the gardens are thriving. The cottage perennials, the hosta and other shade plants, and our veggies are all doing well. We still have a lot of flowers to cut and fresh vegetables for the table.


Yesterday we took a break from gardening and headed north to visit our good friends up in Alexandria, NH. We were lucky to be invited to lunch. And, when they say come for lunch, they really mean it. We enjoyed salad from their garden, and fresh lobster, fried bay scallops and fresh sweet corn picked that morning at their family farm. To say it was delicious doesn’t quite do it justice. And, mid afternoon we had chocolate zucchini cake with vanilla frosting. What a food fest. :-)


But, on the way out-of-town we had to stop and stare at some leaves that were turning. Say it isn’t so! I’m really not ready for leaves to start turning. I’m still enjoying the sun and heat of summer.

Tree Collage

Here’s hoping we get a late fall so we can enjoy lots of more fresh veggies and color in the garden. :-) Have a terrific week.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

August 8, 2014
Lichen-covered bench, Bedrock Gardens, Lee, NH

Lichen-covered bench, Bedrock Gardens, Lee, NH


For more interpretations of WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Texture.  Enjoy!



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