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October 22, 2012

We took a road trip yesterday from our 1840 Farm north to Walker Farm, Bristol, New Hampshire.

The Walker Farm is a wonderful example of a family farm providing fresh, locally grown food and some good family entertainment for their community.

Grandkid pumpkins

Grandkid pumpkins

Our good camping friends live in Alexandria which is the next town over from Bristol and are part of the Walker Family, so we always have special tour guides when we visit.

Petting zoo

Petting zoo

The highlight of the farm visit was a Farmall tractor ride from the farm stand to the pumpkin fields where the grandkids picked out their pumpkins.

My grandfather had a red Farmall tractor on his small dairy farm, Brookside Farm, so I relived some wonderful memories while we were riding through the beautiful farm fields.

Farmall Tractor ride

Farmall Tractor ride

We also bought some small gourds, fresh cherry tomatoes, and a package of their delicious maple sugar candy at the farm stand to take home.

Walker Farm stand

Walker Farm stand

It was a cool day which served to remind us winter is coming, but we had a great time and the foliage was absolutely gorgeous at the farm and on the three-hour round trip.

Beautiful fall scenery

Beautiful fall scenery on the farm

It pays to have good friends who live in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire and are part of a large family farm because a fun day was had by all.

And, always remember…

No Farms No Food


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  1. Nice! We had a good day. Was great to see you.

  2. What a wonderful place. Can you grow pumpkids?

    • I nurture grandkids and am pretty successful at that, but we start the pumpkins out and they are doing well only to suffer a deadly fate by mid summer. Hope you are more successful.

  3. I love the farm stand photo. If you look at the greenhouse in the background you can still see red tomato on the vine. We are still picking and selling our hoop house tomatoes. Even though they are ripening quite slow, we’re hoping to stretch them out another week or two.

  4. We’re vacationing in New Hampshire this week. It’s killing me not to be able to buy a bunch of fresh stuff from the farmers. It’s gorgeous here.

    • Welcome and glad your enjoying NH. The foliage is putting on a good show for you. Have a safe and fun time.

  5. Beautiful photos and I love the farm sign!

  6. Now THIS is what farm visits should look like. Far different from my visit with the grandsons to their pumpkin patch in the desert. Love the food stand. I’ve yet to try maple sugar candy. Sounds like quite a treat.
    Thank you so much for sharing this special day in the GRAND Social!

  7. That last photo – No Farms No Food – is so important. Every farm we lose is one step closer to having to buy our produce from China.

    • So true. But, do you ever wonder why more people aren’t concerned about it? I guess in this economy as long as certain foods are cheap, a lot of folks don’t think about it. I hope it isn’t too late when enough people get interested.

  8. I like those cute little pumpkins and your cute little grandkids!

  9. have never had maple sugar candy! Looks like a wonderful day and the grands surely enjoyed themselves!

  10. Wow look at the color of those trees and what an amazing choice of Pumpkins

  11. As a farmer, I LOVE this post! I am showing it off at my party tonight, thanks for linking up!


  12. Farms are certainly wonderful places; in the UK they are having to diversify to continue to make a living and, unfortunately, `factory-farming` of animals is growing..

    • Thank you for stopping by, and the same thing is happening here. The ‘family farm’ is certainly is disappearing quickly so we make an effort to take the grandchildren to see every one we can find so they can appreciate not only where their food really comes from but also the hard work that goes into it.

      • Judy – I am sure you sent me a message about putting a `Follow` widget on my page but I can`t find the message. If it was you would you please be kind enough to let me have the information. Thanks a lot – Anne

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