A breath of spring

February 24, 2014

It has been a wicked winter here in New England, but on Saturday the temperature rose to 51 degrees. I think every person in NH headed outside, and we decided to join them along with our handsome grandson.

We took in The Great Northern New England Train Show, lunched at Qdoba Mexican Grill, shopped at The Train Shop, and stopped at Hampton Beach to dream about summer.

Who knew that once we arrived at the beach we’d have to wait for a parking space, cross a virtual river running down the sidewalk, traverse beach steps covered in snow, and plow through knee high snow to get to the sandy shore.

But, it was worth it, and we are even more energized for spring now. Go away white and bring on the green. :-)

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  1. Wow; what a challenge to move around. You must have just followed that Grandson as he cleared a path for you!!! Takes a lot of energy to climb over frozen mounds of snow, but the beach had to be worth the efforts!! How was the Train show??? (married to a model railroader..so I am always curious.) Lots of displays or more vendors than displays???


    • The Train Show only had two small displays and the rest were vendors. It was in such a small space you would have to stand and wait for someone to move. You couldn’t even see what people were selling because there were too many people between you and the vendor. They need a much bigger space. :-)


      • Too bad!! There are similar shows in the mid-Atlantic region held in great venues. Local shows tend to be crowded into fire halls and so forth; and they use them to raise money for the specific venue. Our train club – DelMarVa Model Railroad Club hosts open house weekends 4 times during the winter. We open up on Thanksgiving weekend, the first weekend in December and 2 in January. Our building is about 5000 square feet, and we have operating layouts to look out, with only a little area for sales. We get crowded, but not like that. ( delmarvamodelrailroadclub.org )


  2. Saturday was awesome, glad you enjoyed the beach!!


  3. That was a stunning day, though it never occurred to me to go to the beach… I still have winter on the brain!


  4. What a great feeling to get out of the house! 51 degrees? Wow! We thought 40 here was a godsend last week! But back to the teens for this week, so no beachcombing here for us!
    I’m sure your handsome grandson enjoyed the show even though the crowded condition probably took away some of the fun.


  5. Snow at the beach–amazing. Glad your warm temperatures offered you a chance to enjoy being outside Judy.


  6. Seeing your grandson at the beach I could just smell the ocean and it warmed me right up. Can’t wait. Bet he loved it!!!


    • You would have had a good laugh at the whole scene including two people sitting on the stage at the clamshell.


  7. The pictures are just wonderful! Love the steps!!! I sure hope you don’t get more snow.


    • We’re back in the low 20′s with snow expected twice this week. :-( Enjoy some warm temps for me.


  8. Sounds like a much needed day out and about full of fun. It is now snowing here again…gosh I missed it. HA, KIDDING :)


  9. The sign life is better at the beach on a snow hill…just hilarious!


  10. You still have a lot of snow! My Wednesday post is about bringing on the green!


  11. About an hour from Chicago there is the Illinois Railway Museum, full of old trains – coal, electric, and diesel. We used to go there with our kids. It was maintained entirely by volunteer train enthusiasts.


  12. Last weekend was the only real break we have had…and unfortunately this week it looks like it will be really cold…:-(


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