Wordless Wednesday – For the love of coffee

March 5, 2014


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  1. I was wondering if she cried when you gave her this / it’s such a treasure!!! :)


  2. that’s awesome!! I want one!


  3. It is lovely. Love your label too!! Quilting looks great and that pop of read in the boarder is really fun!!Frames the quilt nicely. Love that you set all our blocks in “coffee” brown, and the inner set is “coffee light”. :) NICE work for a cold winter activity. Open the darn drapes!! :) The snow is a gift to ensure you do not have a drought this summer in your garden patch!! :) Go throw some birdseed outside your winter window!!


    • Thank you and the drapes are open. LOL It’s still snowing but it is large flakes just kind of floating down.


      • God’s little angels floating around to keep watch over you!


  4. That really did come out beautifully and I bet she is thrilled with it!


  5. Gorgeous! I love the idea of a coffee quilt, because coffee and quilts are both warm and cozy and comforting.


  6. Lovely, My wife, a reformed coffee fiend, would love to have this.


  7. A very charming quilt. I recognized some of the fabrics. My JoAnn’s closed this fall so I don’t get to see all of the novelty fabrics any more. The other local fabric shop seems to only have new crazy busy prints that some like to call modern. I miss the apron fabrics, novelties and small prints.

    Thanks for liking my blog.


  8. This is stunning! And it’s so nice to see it close up – your workmanship is flawless! Beautiful balance of colors and pattern, but mostly so meaningful a gift to your daughter. It will keep her warm on many late nights working away on baskets.


  9. Very nice! My niece is a coffee aholic, she would drool over this quilt. Your quilt label is so cute. I am a hand quilter, but I would love to have such a beautiful label as yours.


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