Wordless Wednesday – Orange

August 27, 2014


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  1. I like the peaceful stream in your header. It would be so much fun to wade in it on a hot summer day!
    On my screen, the berries look red and the photo has a very pretty “Christmas-y” look to it!


  2. what a beautiful shade Judy! What is that plant?


    • LOL I knew someone would ask me and leave it to you. :-) I have no idea. LOL It was a huge tree, just covered with these gorgeous clusters, at the public beach area at Ellacoya State Park, NH, when we were camping last week. Maybe someone else can tell us both. :-)


  3. Gorgeous.


  4. And here I thought you knew everything — at least where gardening and nature are concerned. I was going to ask what it is, too! It is beautiful and it looks orange on my screen! They almost look like clusters of little tiny crab apples.


  5. That’s a brilliant orange! Gorgeous :)


  6. Pretty soon our whole countryside will be covered with orange. It certainly seems like leaves are starting to change way too soon this year.


    • We were up north in Alexandria/Bristol area yesterday and I’m sorry to say there was quite a bit of color. I’m not ready but it’s coming anyway. :-)


      • Nothing we can do but enjoy it when it gets here. Summer just flew by.


  7. My Gram had 1 of these in her back yard but I don’t remember the name, darn! It never looked this good.


  8. I think it’s mountain ash (Sorbus is the genus, there are several species).


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