Thursday Doors

Wednesday I took a break while doing errands and drove a couple of blocks over to check in on the police horses. This was a favorite destination when my granddaughter was little, but it has been a while since I visited.

It was my lucky day because Officer Joe Caproni was working outside and invited me in to see our large four-legged officers. We had a nice chat about the Dover Mounted Patrol and how the Master Gardeners might help with some planters on each side of the entry gates.

So, I’m taking liberty with my ‘door’ today because it is a work in progress. Two sides of the shelter are being enclosed, and there will be an opening on the paddock side to enter and exit.


Rasa and CJ are our resident police horses who patrol our streets, keep us safe, and keep us smiling with pride.


Photo credit: Friends of the Dover Mounted Patrol

Mounted Patrol

Photo credit: Friends of Dover Mounted Patrol

Rasa, on the left, is a 12-year old black Percheron, standing 16.3 hands, weighing approximately 1,600 pounds. She holds the distinction of being the first mare and the first rescue horse. Rasa came from Pennsylvania, where they think she was a cart horse. She was purchased and donated by Chinburg Properties, and Officer Caproni is her primary rider.

CJ, on the right, is a 13-year old Belgian, standing 17.2 hands, weighing approximately 1,800 pounds, and was donated by and named after our local C&J Trailways. He is primarily ridden by Officer Murch.

The Dover Police Mounted Patrol started in 1998 as part of the department’s desire to foster a strong community presence while being proactive in crime prevention. Today there are only two Mounted Patrols in the state – Dover and Manchester.

The horses and their needs are totally supported and sponsored through donations from the local community. Our largest power company provides the property they live on while several generous local companies and an enthusiastic group of volunteers provide everything else including maintenance, equipment, and food.

As a resident, it is certainly a privilege to have the Dover Mounted Patrol contributing to the safety of our streets. And, as a horse lover, what can I say – they are beautiful specimens to behold.🙂


Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, December 1, 2016.

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Winter is definitely here, and the pellet stove is roaring. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, and Christmas is right around the corner. The tree and decorations are up, and I’m really enjoying the lights on these gray, dreary days.

There’s definitely no gardening going on here unless you consider the Poinsettia Trials which are this weekend or the soil test results I received back for my Master Gardener project, Lydia’s House of Hope.

Because this is a very old boarding house, the lead levels in the area where we want to install raised beds are too high for growing vegetables. I’m going to deliver the results on Thursday along with Cooperative Extension contacts to see how this might be mitigated. All this valuable information can be purchased for less than $20 at your local Cooperative Extension.

blanketcollageSewing and quilting have been keeping me busy. I finished the third Linus quilted blanket, and I’ll deliver them this week.

I saw a table runner I really liked on Pinterest that looked like presents. It was trial and error to try to copy it, but I’m happy with the results.

If I did the runner again, I think I’d stop at four boxes. I also made a couple of single boxes for table toppers.

Table runner

I’m always reading, and this past week that included two really good books – John Sanford’s, Escape Clause, with Virgil Flowers, and David Baldacci’s, No Man’s Land, with John Puller. Up next is Sandra Brown’s, Sting.

Now that I have most of my sewing done, I’m moving on to thinking about winter and spending the entire month of January in South Carolina. I’ve been to Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, but it has been years.

On our trip to Ireland, we met a very nice local couple who spend their winters in SC. They put me in contact with a person, and we rented a condo right on the beach for less money than a week at a nice hotel. I know the weather will only be around 60, but there won’t be snow to shovel, Yaktrax to put on my boots, and a jacket might work instead of a heavy winter coat.

We plan to explore Charleston, Savannah, Fort Sumter, gardens, lighthouses, beaches and golf courses for my husband. There’s even a Satisfy your Thirst tour map of breweries and a SC BBQ trail map – now we are talking getaway.

Have you been to South Carolina to visit or stay? Have any recommendations? Expect postcards.🙂

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Thursday Doors


It’s Thursday which means it’s time for Norm to showcase doors from all over the world. It’s also Thanksgiving here in the US where we prep, cook, and eat until we drop. So, today’s door just had to include delicious food.

Recently, my husband and I visited a small breakfast spot in nearby Newmarket, NH, the Big Bean. Interesting that the name includes the word ‘big’ since the inside is anything but big. There are about six tables, four toppers, and a counter area for five or six.

On this particular early Sunday morning, the inside was standing room only with waiting breakfast goers, and they had even spilled outside to stand in the light rain with their coffee cups.

Coffee is not served here. You take a cup off a hook and help yourself to one of the available varieties.

What did I have? I had Down East French Toast which was two slices of cinnamon swirl French toast stuffed with maple walnut cream cheese with fresh fruit and whipped cream. I would be hard pressed to not order the same thing next time because it was spectacular.

So, if you are driving through Newmarket and see this bright green door, be sure to stop because there is some great food and a dose of New England charm right through it.

Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday to you and yours. 🦃

Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, November 24, 2016.

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Happy Thanksgiving


Whether your house is overflowing with family and friends, a few have gathered together, or you are enjoying the day by yourself, have a good one.

Remember, some families are like the Waltons or the Reagans, but most of us have a little more complexity in our lives. So give yourself a break as we hit the first of the big winter holidays, and have a Happy Thanksgiving whether you are eating turkey with all the trimmings or a nice greasy bucket of buttered popcorn. 🦃

A special thank you to Charles Schultz for Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang. I never get too old to smile and appreciate their humorous take on life.

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Thursday Doors


I can’t take any credit for this interesting door as I received the photo from my CA blogging friend, Kc. Kc blogs at Amaraland where she chronicles the wonderful exploits of her beautiful granddaughter, Amara.

Kc says it is a freestanding door in the middle of a foot path that goes to the front door of the house which is located in Flora Park, Santa Ana, CA.

Since the yard is landscaped with drought tolerant plants, she doesn’t think anyone opens it – they just walk around.

According to online information, it was built in 1949, has 2,100 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a lot that is probably about 6,000 sq ft. It currently has an asking price of $773,000.

It’s a little rich for my budget, but that free-standing red door sure makes me smile. Can you imagine the conversations it has started?🙂

As always, linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, November 17, 2016.

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Mid November

It’s Monday, and we’ve hit the middle of November. How did that happen? It seemed like fall just got here, and now we are 41 days from Christmas morn.

There’s not a lot of gardening going on here. The deadheading has been done, the leaves have been raked and acorns have been shoveled. The wind blew so hard over the weekend that the leaves that littered the yard blew into the woods. Thank you Mother Nature.

LydiaRightI did take on coordinating a new MG project – Lydia’s House of Hope. It is an old boarding house being redone as  transitional housing for single women and women with children. One of their goals is gardening so we will be helping them with foundation plantings, raised beds and a hydroponic system to be used to grow veggies during the winter months. It is exciting when you can be a small part of helping women and children get back on their feet.

Since the outside work is done, the sewing machine has been getting a workout. I made a small wall hanging as an Ireland remembrance using a cute tea towel I bought there with sheep on it. I cut the sheep up into squares and filled it out with a range of greens. I took it to the long arm quilter where she is applying shamrocks in a variegated green thread. Photo to follow.

Speaking of photos, my Dropbox quit syncing with my laptop. Hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth. OMG I now have a phone paper weight. I have logged out and shut down both several times. If anyone has any words of wisdom, please share.

I also committed to three blankets for our linuslocal Linus project. I have one done, one ready to quilt, and one cut and ready to piece. My challenge is that the seasonal sewing is creeping up, and I’m conflicted about what to do first.

On Saturday, we went a little dumpster diving at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and picked up a solid wood kitchen cabinet with no doors for $12. I painted it, and now it is ready for my husband’s shop to hold containers of screws and nails. Perfect.

I tried a new product – Wet and Forget. I saw it on an HGTV show and thought it might work on our white plastic fence and some white plastic lattice work all of which was in the shade and getting a nice tinge of green. Usually, I get out the bucket, cleaner, and hand wash it twice a year. I have to say, it worked really well. I sprayed it on, and that’s it. It rained a couple of days later and took all the green off except in one place that was really bad so I’m going to respray that this week.

This week I’m back to the sewing machine. Hope you have a good week planned. Eleven days until Thanksgiving, but who’s counting, right?🦃

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Veterans Day

FlagFrameToday is a day on the calendar that you either feel deep in your soul or it is just another Friday.

To me it allows a day of reflection on the sacrifice that our armed forces volunteers and their families have made over the years on our behalf.

It is like Thanksgiving Day for Veterans.

So, to my husband, uncles, brothers-in-law, and my friends, I say thank you. To you and your loved ones and friends who have sacrificed on our behalf, I say thank you.

Thank you for volunteering to protect us and keep us safe. Whether your service resulted in being called the greatest generation, you were ignored when you returned, or a parade was held, your service is respected and honored by those of us who sat safely at home.

Some of you who sacrificed are gone, but none of you are forgotten. 🇺🇸

If you want a Canadian reflection on this special day, check out my friend Norm’s post and short video today. It’s worth the trip.🙂

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