Pumpkin Festival, Keene, NH

Keene, NH, is a wonderful example of a quaint New England town that offers family oriented events in the downtown area, and they are good at it.

One of these special events is the annual Pumpkin Festival. Have you ever seen over 20,000 pumpkins all lit at the same time? What a sight.

Every October for over 20 years, the downtown area of Keene has been lit up with these amazing towers of pumpkins.

The day starts with a parade where you see a wonderful array of costumes, funny, scary and highly creative.  After the parade, the streets are full of all kinds of other entertainment venues like ten lanes of pumpkin bowling, pumpkin pie eating, or pumpkin seed spitting contests.

A food court area, that includes venues for area non-profit organizations, offers a variety of fair-type foods and treats. To close out the evening in 2010, we were treated to an impressive fireworks display.

Admission is free, but donations are needed and accepted in order to keep the Festival going. And, don’t forget to bring your carved pumpkins to add to the count – small, medium or large doesn’t matter – try to bring one for each person attending.

Hotels are hard to come by during leaf peeper season, so plan ahead. We camped, and had a great time.

Mark your calendar, the 2012 Pumpkin Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 20. We’ve been three times and hope to go again.

Grandchildren on pumpkins, lots of pumpkins:

Grandson (6) – I liked it.

Granddaughter (11) – Pumpkin Festival was amazing, and I loved the fireworks.

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