It’s a Friday night, and the grandkids are here for a sleepover. A sleepover for them means not as many rules, pulling out the trundle bed, and getting to choose what they want for dinner, snack or slushies .

My granddaughter checks in periodically on Howrse to see what activity is going on – a girl has to check her on-line horse auctions. And, my grandson plays Angry Birds on the Tablet. I can hold my own with Angry Birds which is a real plus when you play with a six-year old wiz kid. Thank you Rovio for creating something the senior generation can play.

We rented the new Muppet Movie (2011) and watched it together.  It was a nice little movie – who doesn’t love Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and the rest of the Muppet gang.

At bedtime, they pick out their favorite Golden Books to read. Their Mom had a collection of these books when she was their age. I don’t know how they survived the many moves over the years, but I’m glad I didn’t give them away. Their simple stories still have a role in our lives even today.

Sleepovers are a good thing. Not to say that the grandparents don’t need some time between them to rest up, but spending time with the grandchildren we love never gets old even if we do. Life is short, and we can rest when they lose interest in sleepovers.

For now, we’ll look up the number for Domino’s pizza, make sure we have other favorites on hand, and get ready to enjoy their laughter and enthusiasm.

Grandchildren dish on sleepover:

Grandson (6) – I get to eat like a thousand pieces of candy.

Granddaughter (11) – I get to eat any kind of food I want.

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7 Responses to Sleepover

  1. Susan Adcox says:

    My kids had The Monster at the End of This Book. What a fun book to read!


  2. Joyce says:

    This post illustrates how quickly grandparents adapt to the entertainment their kids enjoy. I go around singing the theme songs to “Caillou” and the “Micky Mouse Clubhouse” even when I’m alone! Like you, I saved Golden books and I am really glad I did! They are so timeless. I wish I still had the ones my mother bought for me, too!
    But what a peaceful, happy time your sleepovers are for you and the children! I love the commentary from the kids!


  3. Debra Pugh says:

    Lots of Little Golden Books around here…love ’em

    My Grands call ours a “Spendover” and are always interested in what SNACKS we are going to have. Ha ha you’d think their parents didn’t feed them or something but I guess it’s just more of a treat when they are away from home…


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    I love this post! You have just described all the best parts of being a Grandparent. It is so great that they love spending time with us and even if it does take a day or two to recover afterwards it is just the best! Amara loves knowing that I will always have frozen yogurts in the freezer for her and that there is always sparkling cider waiting. When she was little it was apple sauce cups, baby dill pickles and fruit snacks! What a combination.


  5. Connie says:

    Very fun times with the grandkids. Yes you are right, life is short and you can rest when the kids are not around as much. Thanks for linking with me!


  6. gramsmadeit says:

    I love Little Golden Books. I’ve read some of them so many times that I can recite them from memory. We don’t live in the same town with our grands, so anytime they visit it’s a sleepover. Ours are still little, 1 and 3 years old, so it’s more a function of getting them to bed than having a sleepover. But, twice a year we have special sleepovers. In summer, we have them for a week for “Grams Camp.” We take them to all the fun things to do in our home town including the aquarium, the water park, the bayfront park playground. It’s fun for all of us. Kind of like being a tourist in our own town. And on New Year’s Eve, we host “Grams & Pop-Pop’s Rockin’ Toddler New Year’s Eve.” This allows us to enjoy them while their parents get to stay out late. It’s my favorite way to spend New Year’s Eve.


    • Judy says:

      You may not live in the same town, but it sure sounds like you have a plan for making good memories. I bet they can’t wait to get to your house for a sleepover.


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