Coleman Travel Trailer Model CT260BH

We love camping, and we love camping with our grandkids.

We started with a Minnie Winnie we bought from Camping World. Winnie was a wonderful little RV that we tooled all around in. The downside was the size – 22′ from stem to stern. That wasn’t a lot of room for two adults and two children, and there was no storage. So, after having a great camping season, we decided we wanted a little more room.

When you visit Camping World or any other RV sales lot, keep your eye on the dollar signs, your mind on the price of gas, and your hand on your wallet. These things are not cheap, and they depreciate like yesterday’s fashions. After a lot of looking and evaluating, we decided the best bang for our buck was a Coleman Travel Trailer.

I’m not going to list all the standard features or even the bells and whistles in the Coleman brochure because you can find that online or at your dealer. I want to talk about what this particular Coleman, Model CT260, had that was  near and dear to our family’s heart.

A large bump out covering the entire kitchen and living area gives you a lot of living space. The kitchen prep area is big enough to make three meals and two snacks a day which is essential to the medical needs of our camping family. While the U-shaped dinette allows for plenty of elbow space for meals, it is also a great place to play games. The entertainment center is centrally located and very convenient for watching TV, DVDs, or playing the occasional Play Station game. The queen size bed keeps the adults from being grumpy in the morning, and the individual bunks make the grandkids happy, happy. There is also plenty of storage for everything you need – large pantry for food, clothes, beach toys, kites, chairs, tools, outdoor carpet, and fire wood.

Do we wish we could change some things? Sure, nothing is perfect. For grandparents, hooking up a TT requires a lot more time and effort than getting in a RV and driving out of the driveway. But, we’re back to the bang – it just costs too much for us to buy a RV big enough to have bump outs, a bed and two bunks. It also costs too much to put gas in a 100-150 gallon tank, and let’s not even talk about the depreciation.

Camping is our family’s favorite summer adventure.  Summer 2012 will be our third season camping and our second season using our Coleman. We already have reservations at two of our NH State Parks. Pack the sunscreen, we can hardly wait!

Grandchildren chime in about the Coleman:

Grandson (6) – It’s really good and it’s better than our RV we did have.

Granddaughter (11) – I love that it has the bunks, and I also love the TV.

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    • jason rapsis says:

      I hope you had a great time. We are in NH also and are looking at travel trailers. We hope to travel a bit when our son gets older. We like the Lost River area. Jason.


      • Judy says:

        Thanks for stopping by. We love the Coleman with the bunks for both kids and the huge bump out. There is one thing we never thought of – the bump out is so big (which is so great when camping) that you can’t get to the bathroom when the bump out is in. Being able to get to the bathroom would be a real benefit for cleaning and stocking purposes and for using. We haven’t been to the Lost River area with the grandkids so will need to check it out. Camping is wonderful with kids, and we are so lucky to live in a part of the country where you can head out in any direction and have a great adventure.


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  6. Connie T says:

    We just went camping. I love it. We were gone two weeks and our house looked so big after being in our 26 foot trailer.


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