Organic Seedlings at Three Weeks

Happy Easter weekend from our family to yours.

How are your seedlings doing? We started our seeds as usual this year, but on the advice of Dr. Tomato of the Veggie Clinic, we attempted to keep more of the light directed at the plants. After enclosing our shelving unit with four Emergency Blankets to keep the light contained, we would have never dreamed they would also allow so much heat to consistently surround the trays.  Who needs heat mats? Not us.

While the lights are on, the top shelf of our four-shelf unit can reach between 80-89 degrees while the rest of the room is in the mid 60’s. The plants – vegetables and flowers – are doing terrific.

What an organic gardening adventure we are having – we are literally watching them grow. The success of these Emergency Blankets makes your mind wonder what else we could try next year to make our seed starting process even more successful.

Seedlings need a place to move to, and thanks to the efforts of my husband, we have five new raised beds built and partially filled with loam.  It won’t be too many weeks before we can harden off the new seedlings and get them all moved outside for the growing season. Fresh vegetables and beautiful cut flowers keep gardeners toiling and smiling.

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