Traveling – Bennington, Vermont

If it is April, then we are on a car trip with our granddaughter to see all things historical and some things just for fun. After a three-hour car trip from home, our first stop was Bennington, Vermont.

Normally along this route you see wonderful brooks running right along the road, but today there were more rocks showing and more puddles than running water. Dramatic reminder of a winter with not enough snow and very little rainfall so far this spring. This is not a good thing

On the way into town, we stopped at the Bennington Potters and were amazed at their assortment of beautiful pottery, glassware, and furniture.  Nice place, and I can’t quite describe the front window that was ‘around’ a moose and a cow – heads inside the store and bodies outside. It was worth the stop just to see them. They even had these pretty daffodils outside to enjoy as you  left with your shopping bag.

Our next stop was the Bennington Battle Monument where we bought tickets to ride to the top, looked out the large windows, and took advantage of the  wonderful views including the rolling hills of Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts.

We had a great guide who told us about the supply depot at Bennington and the important role it played in the Revolutionary War. Volunteers from NH came over to join the VT Green Mountain Boys to keep the British from reaching the supply depot and actually forced the remaining British troops to head for Saratoga.

While driving from stop to stop around Bennington, we were entertained with a wonderful parade of Moose painted by local artists and sponsored by local businesses – street level and roof level – they were all great.

We then headed to the Bennington Museum and  some wonderful exhibits of Colonial furniture, glassware, pottery, guns and canons, dolls, clothing, and even a restored car. The clothing exhibit included ladies underwear from the early eras – quite entertaining.

But, the highlight at the Museum was the exhibit of Grandma Moses’ paintings and her old schoolhouse. What a treat to see her paintings in person. Her great grandson’s paintings were exhibited as well and were very similar to hers except maybe his lines were a little more crisp.

There were also some wonderful modern sculptures lining one hallway that were made with paper, wood, and plain old cardboard including a furniture moving box.

Outside was a modern wood sculpture in this interesting pod-type enclosure.

Colonial to modern – the Bennington Museum had some of everything.

On the way out of town, we had to make one more stop. Some friends had told us that the town keeps a herd of white-tailed deer in a park downtown. Well, we had to see this. So, we trekked off to find a local who could give us directions to the park. Sure enough there was a herd of deer encamped right there in town. Since our granddaughter had never seen deer except in a book or on TV, we walked the perimeter of the park so she could get up close and personal with these beauties. (Beauties as long as they aren’t eating my Hosta.)

Bennington Vermont is an interesting little town and deserves a stop if you are traveling through New England.

Granddaughter (11) commentsAbsolutely loved the Moose that were scattered around town, the ride up the monument, and the Grandma Moses’ paintings.


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  1. Susan Adcox says:

    I visited Bennington years ago, but certainly didn’t see everything that you guys saw. I think it’s time for a return trip. Love the moose sculpures!


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