Camping Review – Life Vest

Are you busy making plans for the upcoming camping season?

Well, I’m not one for accumulating unnecessary camping gear, but sometimes you need certain equipment to be safe but have fun. Last year when we were getting ready to camp at Lake Winnipesaukee but weren’t familiar with the water depths, we wanted to invest in some life jackets for the grandkids.

Having worn life jackets before, we knew they weren’t usually the most comfortable things to wear especially the part around the neck. So, quite a bit of time was spent researching on line looking at styles, prices and reviews.

We ended up purchasing two Youth Comfort Mesh Vests from Cabellas. We ordered a manly green for our grandson and a pretty red for our granddaughter. The mesh is black. They sell for around $25, but we found them when they were on sale.

We thought maybe the grandkids would resist wearing them. But, they were so lightweight, comfortable, and easy to slip on and fasten, they would get them out of storage and wear them every time they went to the lake. They dry quickly, lay flat, and can be easily stored until the next water adventure.

We’d give Cabellas Youth Comfort Mesh Vests a “gotta have” for lake camping or boating.

Grandkids on Cabellas Yough Comfort Mesh Vests:

Grandson (6) – It’s good.      Granddaughter (11) – Works great.

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