Traveling – Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is listed by Yahoo Travel as one of the 10 Places Every Kid Should See and by Budget Travel as 15 Places Your Kids Should See Before 15.

So, after our granddaughter expressed interest in the Falls, we were off to see them.

Immediately upon arrival in town, even before checking into the hotel, we went to the Niagara Falls State Park to check it out. What can I say – it is unbelievable. The power of it is amazing.

Niagara Falls is three separate falls located in the United States and Canada. We stayed on the United States side but certainly enjoyed the view of Canada and all of its attractions including the huge Niagara Sky Wheel.

It was so awesome, we decided to go again that evening and see the Falls from Goat Island. We walked all the way down to the railing to see the Falls up close and personal at night with lights. The Falls were terrific in the afternoon, but the view at night was a sight to behold. Standing at the railing allows you to be about 10-12′ from the water itself with the spray and sound rising all around you. As our granddaughter said, “what a rush.”

Niagara Falls has a wide assortment of hotels including the Seneca Niagara Casino. For a special ice cream treat, we went to the Cold Stone Creamery in the Casino to get a dish of Sweet Cream. Delicious.

Before leaving, we made a stop at the Aquarium of Niagara. This is a nice little aquarium if you are wanting to make a short stop for the kids while in town. It was very clean, staff was friendly, and we enjoyed our visit. It is small – it won’t take long to go through it.

There is also a wonderful Whaling Wall on an outside wall of the Aquarium by Artist Wyland. Wyland painted 100 of these walls to share his love of marine life. This one is #81, Atlantic Humpback Whales (1998). We have #37, Isle of Shoals Humpbacks (1993) here in Portsmouth, NH.

The Portsmouth wall needs to be updated, but the building owner will not allow it. It is an issue that is very real for many local residents who would like to see it restored to its original beauty.

Niagara Falls has beautiful parks with lovely plantings but also an unbelievable number of T-shirt shops. It has the appearance of an old town that is somewhat run down with quite a few buildings boarded up. We traveled during off season and enjoyed the smaller crowds. It would not be a destination where we would choose to spend an extended period of time.

We would, however, highly recommend seeing Niagara Falls if you are ever in the Buffalo area. Take a jacket for the spray because you want to get close and enjoy the wonder of it all. It was an awesome sight and sound.

Granddaughter’s Review on Niagara Falls:  The falls are absolutely spectacular! Go see them either during the day or at night.

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