Flower Seedlings

Suffice it to say I am great with vegetable seedlings but normally am not all that successful with flower seedlings. Ironic, since I’m the main gardener of flowers in the family.

But, with the additional light this year, it has been wonderful. Can’t wait to get these beauties in the ground. In the meantime they are starting to bloom right here in the house!


Marigolds and Zinnias

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3 Responses to Flower Seedlings

  1. All looking very healthy. i wish mine were as far advanced as that.


    • Judy says:

      I cannot express in words the difference those emergency heat blankets have made in directing the light to the seed trays and not into the room. Who would have thought flower seedlings would bloom after about six weeks. Amazing to me.


  2. WOW, those look better than the ones at the greenhouse!


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