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Like American history and George Washington? Well, take note, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum and Gardens is a wonderful site to visit.

The mansion tour is amazing, and the animals, gardens and grounds are picture perfect. If you are a gardener, you will love the gardens. Vegetables or flowers – they are all beautiful. They even sell perennials native to the site, but on the day of our visit they were sold out.

Vegetable garden.

Have you ever seen a greenhouse this beautiful?

Mount Vernon Greenhouse

Walking the grounds and seeing the slaves quarters, blacksmith shop, stables, smokehouse and all the other areas take you back in history and get to your very soul. Standing on the lawn and looking at the Potomac you can picture George and Martha sitting on the large veranda, walking around the estate, or directing the work in the gardens or tending of their animals.

Hog Island Sheep

We had a wonderful trip in April 2011 traveling to Mount Vernon with our granddaughter. We had been there previously with her mom when she was about the same age.

What were the big differences that we noticed between visits? The renovations to the house had been completed, and it was beautiful.  The gardens and areas housing the many farm animals had been improved dramatically, and everything looked restored to its full grandeur.

Everything is beautiful and historically accurate – even the early outhouses that were placed in the gardens around the perimeter of the house.

Early Mount Vernon Necessaries

On our first visit we walked a rather gravelly path from the entrance to the grounds, the gardens were not restored, and only the first floor of the mansion was open at that time.

There is now a new expansive Visitor’s Center with many educational opportunities to learn more about Mount Vernon and George Washington, gift shop and a food court.

We never expected to see a food court with a Pizza Hut and TCBY at Mount Vernon – it was rather disappointing. The idea of having food available for visitors to purchase drinks or snacks is totally understandable, but a fast food court just like at any old mall?

Modernization is great but something where you can still feel like you are part of that era would be much better. If we go again, we’ll avoid the Food Court entirely because it tends to ruin the historical experience which is wonderful.

Is it worth the trip to see the home of George Washington? If you love history, animals native to that era, gorgeous English gardens, and views of the Potomac that are delightful, it is a wonderful family destination worthy of being on your bucket list.

From Mount Vernon, we were on a 106 mile trip to visit Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson.

Granddaughter (11) talks about Mt. VernonAbsolutely beautiful place. Would really like to go back.  I thought having a Pizza Hut at George Washington’s home was a disgrace.

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  1. Susan Adcox says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Mount Vernon about 20 years ago. So sorry to hear about the food court!


  2. nrae says:

    I am planning on going there someday. I will pack some food – Thanks.


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Thanks for sharing! Since I won’t likely get there it is nice to live vicariously through others.


  4. I thought our greenhouse was big, but that is a real beauty.


  5. We’ve never been there but hope to one day. Love that they have historically accurate outhouses. But a big BOO! on the Food Court.

    Thanks for linking up on the GRAND Social!


  6. Terri Sonoda says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing this post. It was awesome!


  7. So glad to see visitors from GRAND Social! Thank you for linking up and for noting it on your post! This one AND the other one! 🙂


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