Camping Review – Inflatable Boat

Coleman TT BH260

We love camping with our grandkids, and camping at Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, provides lots of open water to swim and play in. The water is shallow near shore, warm, and water toys are a plus.

We wanted to get the grandkids an inflatable boat for them to play with in the lake.

After doing some research, we found a Servylor Hul200, Model No. 2000005118. The information stated it was a two-person boat that holds up to 370 lbs. with double lock fast valve. It also has two oar locks, oar holders, grab handles and grab line.

This model boat sells for about $25 at a local box store like Walmart. We also purchased two sets of plastic oars so each grandchild could have a set.

For our convenience, we blew it up at home with our air compressor, stored it in the trailer, and then got it out when we arrived at the Lake. We would slide it under the Coleman, and it would sit right there until we wanted to use it.

After using it for a week or so, we’d store it either in the trailer or in our barn until the next trip. Amazingly, it held about 90% of the air through the entire camping season. We only had to top it off a couple of times to keep it fully inflated.

We never go looking for extra ‘stuff’ to pack, store, and unload numerous times unless it adds value to the camping experience. This boat was worth the effort for us.

Our granddaughter had a lot of fun paddling around last summer, and she is certainly looking forward to using it again this camping season.

The on-line reviews are mixed, but we purchased it for use by children in a lake environment, and it certainly met those needs.

This is on our short list of things that we “gotta  have” packed when we go camping.

Grandchildren spill on the Inflatable Boat:

Grandson (6) – Hasn’t worked up nerve to get in yet. Maybe this camping season.

Granddaughter (11) – Works very well for an inflatable boat. Never tipped over. Lots of fun.

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  1. Wow, i wish I had grandparents like you when I was growing up!!


  2. mykayaks says:

    Great post. My grandsons are older and pretty rough on their inflatables. They are on the river fishing every chance they get. The new inflatables are much more rugged and easy to inflate/deflate in just minutes…so you can carry them around in a storage bag and have them ready to go in just a few minutes…however grandkids are impatient, so leaving them inflated is a good option!


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