Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day 2012 to my husband and son-in-law!

On this day set aside to remember special men in our lives, I’d like to acknowledge wonderful memories of my grandfather and my grandchildren’s great-grandfather.

My grandfather’s memory is a constant with me. It has been especially comforting in the past five years since our family is working together on a small farm. My daughter and I chuckle frequently – if  only we could sit and ask him all our gardening questions. His garden, grown here in the short New England growing season, produced food that lasted the family through the winter and up to the next growing season. What an accomplishment!

My grandchildren’s great-grandfather held a very special position in their lives, and they miss him greatly. He had plenty of love to share with two great-grandchildren who lived across the country. He made an effort to be in their lives, and they will never forget him because of that.

We are also fortunate that one of his hobbies was building bird houses and giving them away to those he cared about. We are surrounded inside and outside the houses with his wonderful gifts. They give us a physical reminder of his presence in our lives wherever we turn, and it is always nice to think about this loving great-grandfather.

People that play important roles in our lives may be gone but they don’t have to be forgotten – good memories keep them with us forever. Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Grandma Kc says:

    Those birdhouses are beautiful — and what treasures for you to have.


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