Camping – Hampton Beach, NH State Park

We’re back from our week of camping with the grandkids at Hampton Beach, and the Coleman Travel Trailer CT260BH is clean, empty, parked, and awaiting our next trip.

The first day of camping, my husband and I were there without the grandkids. We enjoyed great seafood at Markey’s Lobster Pool, just a stone’s throw away from the campground. One thing to be aware of is they only take cash – no credit cards.

Eating seafood in our family is something we do in shifts. Our grandson is allergic to shellfish so we only eat it when he is not with us and when we are out and about. His parents enjoy it when he is with us.

The Hampton Beach area had received a lot of rain and the results were evident  including a lot of seaweed in high areas, rocks thrown from the jetty to the sand, and Piping Plover nests washed away.

Most of our days included lots of sun, and we thoroughly enjoyed the beach and river views afforded us from the large, full hook-up sites at the Hampton Beach RV Campgrounds.

We awoke every morning to the sounds of the fishing boats heading out, and we walked miles on the beach, checked countless tide pools, played lots of rummy, and everything we wore that week came home smelling smoky from the nightly fires and cooking of marshmallows.

We talked with lots of folks from a variety of states – CT, MA, VT, NH, and FL.

Campers, in general, are friendly folks, and you can usually have an interesting conversation.

The grandkids had a blast flying their kites, and on the Saturday we were treated to professional kite flyers from Fun with Wind set up right in front of us. The show was absolutely unbelievable. Every time they’d launch one we’d think it was the best ever, and then they’d launch a bigger one. It was amazing.

The last two days, we were parked next to some camping friends so we were able to catch up on what had been going on with their families, and my grandson had the opportunity to fish from the rocks with one of his favorite people.

A very artistically talented friend also came by to visit. We took a short walk on the beach, and it was wonderful to see the landscape through the eyes of an artist. She is a dear friend who has unending patience with my granddaughter and I when we spend time with her trying to improve our painting skills.

We missed the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Contest by a couple of weeks, but we’ll load up the car this week and head back to check out the wonderful sculptures the very talented artists create for the contest.

For an entire week, we had good, clean, simple fun. There was no cable TV or WiFi, and we not only survived but made wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Life is good!

Granddaughter (11) comments: Great beach, and a wonderful place to fly a kite.

Grandson (6) comments: I love fishing with my friend.

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  1. rivardfarm says:

    Great vacation! Time away, unplugged is the best way to enjoy your family, friends and surroundings.


  2. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your beautiful pictures so I nominated your site for the “Versatile Blogger Award.” Congratulations! If you go to or my site (, you will find the information on the award, how to pass it along and then you can download the badge on your site if you want. Accepting the award is optional. Congratulations! I love all your great advice and you deserve it!


  3. Nothing better than peaceful fishing.


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  5. Susan Adcox says:

    I really love going screen-free for a week! I try not to even listen to the radio, although I will read a newspaper if one crosses my path.


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