Summer and Bicycles

During summers at my grandparents’ Brookside Farm, I had a blue bike I named Betsy. This was the only bike of my youth because during the school year I lived in the city where because of traffic, and no one had yet heard of bike lanes, no one rode a bike.

I loved that bike and rode a lot of miles up and down the paved and dirt roads. One of my favorite destinations and turn around spots was the one room Blue School House.

Simple times – good memories – bad box permanent.

Betsy – 1950’s

That bike wasn’t a road, racing, mountain, or trail bike, and it didn’t have speeds unless you counted how fast I could pedal. It was just a bike.

Last year, I bought one of those bikes on a close-out sale at Camping World. I love it. When I tool around (mostly on flat surfaces) with the wind blowing in my face (if I’m going down hill), I feel young again (well younger) and think of all those wonderful years riding my bike at the farm.

A couple of weeks ago, my granddaughter, who had gotten too tall for her current bike, went off with her Dad to buy a new one.

Her Dad knows quite a bit about bikes especially since he just finished riding in a major bike race. It tired me out just thinking about the miles he rode, but then he is in his 30’s and is an athlete in top physical shape.

So, I was waiting to see what kind of bike they’d bring home. What would it be – road, trail, 9, 18, 30 speeds? I was surprised to see it was just a bike – absolutely beautiful – but just a bike.

My grandson, however, is not convinced this family bike riding thing is all that much fun. He’s not forgetting a recent spill at the beach that had him needing an ice bag and multiple Angry Bird band aids.

Starting to ride again at my age is a little challenging. My granddaughter can make those inclines a lot faster than I can, but she looks back, smiles and waits for me to catch up. She’s a sweetheart.

With regard to bicycles, I guess that saying about what’s old is new again is true right now.

I’m old enough to enjoy nostalgia, and I’m certainly enjoying this resurgence to a more simple time.

Photo Credits: Current good photos taken by the granddaughter. Bad photo of old photo taken by the grandmother.

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5 Responses to Summer and Bicycles

  1. Awesome bikes!!! Love the colour of your granddaughters. I had a mint green bike as a child that still holds a special place in my heart. Have fun together!


  2. Joyce says:

    Your first bike looks exactly like mine did, and it was also blue. I had the same “hairdo” that you sport in your photo. Seriously, that posing 1950’s bike rider could easily be mistaken for me!
    Because we lived in the city, my sisters and I rode only around the block. Over and over again, around the block, yet we never tired of it. The best rides, though, were those when we pretended our bikes were horses and the concrete sidewalks acres of open field.
    Thank you for reminding me of those carefree summer days when “just a bike” was the most wonderful thing a girl could own!


  3. carolcovin says:

    Love that old photo of you! I also had a regular bike, at about the same age. Didn’t have a big farm to ride around, but plenty of roads with little traffic, and sidewalks when I went to high school. Simple pleasures. Love the feel of fresh air in my face riding. Now, if I could just get back up on my roller blades 🙂


    • Judy says:

      Ooh – roller blades. I never could get up on them so congratulations to you. But, maybe I could find some outdoors skates with four wheels – now that would be something – if only I could survive wearing all the pads you need now days in order to skate outdoors.


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    Wonderful memories! I had a very similar bike but I grew up in a very small town – less than 2000 people so it was very safe to ride our bikes anytime we weren’t knee deep in snow! I’d love to have a bike like that again but I don’t know how safe I would be on our city streets!


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