Wellies are fashionably hot or so it seems. The mall, the local feed store – wherever you go someone is wearing them out and about  in every color and pattern imaginable.

When you look up their origin, the current rubber Wellies are copies of leather Hessian boots made popular for hunting and outdoor wear by the British aristocracy in the 1800’s.

The design may have changed a little over the years, but they are still intended to keep feet dry. But while keeping feet dry, they have moved into a whole new realm and have become a fashion accessory.

If it is fashion you are looking for, you can find Wellies for hundreds of dollars at places like Nordstrom. It you’re still looking to make a fashion statement but choose not to spend that kind of money on rubber boots, you can find them at a local box store like Target in a lower price range.

I buy mine on sale at Tractor Supply. They are plain black, heavy rubber, have good soles, and keep my feet warm even when I’m plowing through drifts of snow to get to the barn. They are built to wear while doing chores like tending chickens, rabbits and goats, or picking vegetables and berries when there is heavy dew on the grass.

I’m a simple gardener and farmer – I need function over fashion.

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3 Responses to Wellies

  1. I can’t help but buy the patterned ones, even if they don’t last as long- But I have never splurged on those really expensive designer ones. Can’t do it-no matter how much they call my name! 🙂


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    You did know you were a fashion setter!


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