Beautiful Blogger Award

I have been blogging for six months now, and I love it. I enjoy interacting with other bloggers and reading about their family adventures, gardens, farms, and countries.
So, it is with great appreciation that GrandparentsPlus2 thanks Damaris at Italy House for nominating us for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
As part of the award, I have to post seven interesting things about myself.
1.  One of my fondest childhood memories is swinging on the glider on the screened-in porched at my grandparents’ Brookside Farm in Landaff, New Hampshire.
2.  In the 1980’s, I worked for a pesticide detection company which was way ahead of its time. If I had those resources today, I’d probably scare myself half to death checking items from the produce section of my local grocery stores.
3.  The majority of my professional career was spent as a SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources).
4.  On my chore days during the cold New England winter, I make oatmeal with Craisins for our chickens – they love it.
5.  I’ve never met a Hosta I didn’t love – there are hundreds in our gardens.
6.  I love to sew frilly outfits for my granddaughter, and she loves to design them.
7.  My grandson thinks I make the best sugar cookies of anyone.
Here are seven blogs, I read, enjoy and would present this award to:
1. – I’m prejudiced here because the blogger is my daughter and mother of my two beautiful grandchildren. She blogs about the farming activities here on our three-generational farm, shares her delicious recipes, and sells beautiful farm-made products.
2. – I love reading about these two UK gardeners and their love of home, allotment, and exquisite English gardens, along with their adventures into their countryside.
3. – I recently found this blog about rescuing Golden Retrievers and the memorial garden they maintain with its lovely plantings. If you like dogs and gardening, this is a nice combination. If only I lived closer so I could volunteer.
4. – I enjoy this blogger’s way with words about her life as a grandmother, gardener, and seamstress.
5. – If you need a break from reading but truly enjoy really good photos – this is a journal of life on an old New England farm. Yes, I’m partial to old New England farms and good photos.
6. – A UK gardening blog with exquisite photographs and finely detailed plant information.
7. – A Canadian blogger living on a small farm and writing about her children, gardens and chickens.
If  you have chosen not to participate in blogging awards, please accept this recognition in the spirit it is meant. I like your blog and think others would also.
There are lots of other blogs I read and enjoy. Some I noted when I was given the Versatile Blogger Award and others I’ll list in another award post. I’m trying to pay it forward and spread the recognition around.
Thank you again to Damaris at Italy House for honoring our blog and the other blogs mentioned.

About Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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5 Responses to Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Donna says:

    Congratulations. I love reading your blogs and 1840 Farm. I wish I could write that well.


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    Congratulations and absolutely well deserved! I’m betting the grandchildren are very proud of you, too!


  3. Debra Pugh says:

    Congratulations and I am so honored that you put me on your list! 🙂 Some of these blogs look very interesting ….gonna go visit ! 🙂


  4. Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog and admire all the experiences you provide for your grandchildren. Thanks for the mention too!!


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