Camping at Hampton Beach

We try to camp twice a year at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. This small, 28 site, full hook-up, campground is maintained by the New Hampshire Parks and Recreation.

There are thousands of campgrounds in New England, but this is one of our favorites.

Top 10 reasons we camp at Hampton Beach:

10. Wonderful river views

9. Flowers where you least expect them

8. Wildlife everywhere you look


7. Playground in downtown Hampton – a short walk on the beach

6. Opportunity to fish with a best buddy

5. Wonderful open space to use a telescope and view the Moon surface

4. Space and plenty of wind for flying kites

3. Great place to just think

2. Wonderful, clean water to play in

1. Beautiful sandy beach

We love camping, and we love Hampton Beach. Thank you NH State Parks and Rec.

Granddaughter (11): Week was great.

Grandson (6): Week was double great.

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7 Responses to Camping at Hampton Beach

  1. Donna says:

    Week was triple double great. Can’t wait for next time!!!!!!


  2. Joyce says:

    What beautiful pictures, depicting a lovely family time together! We do have quick access to Lake Michigan and some of the same settings as you show here, but you have the New England feeling that is so charming!


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Beautiful pictures and so VERY different from the west coast. What a great week for all of you.


  4. Debra Pugh says:

    All nice pictures / what a place but that kite is awesome!!!


  5. Edward @ Eunice McSweeney says:

    Make a trip once a year and meet friends who also go at the same time. Made great relationship with them and think the campground is perfect. Well maintained and very friendly. The staff is great and can’t do enough to majke our stay a wonderfull time.


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