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NH is a state where politics is an industry. If it wasn’t for the ‘mute’ button, the TV would have been turned off until after November.

In January 2012, Forbes magazine ran an article estimating there would be approximately $4.9B spent on ads in 2012. This was in comparison to a record $2.7B spent in the 2007-2008 election period which surpassed all previous records.

Wow – all that money spent on ads, and I turn the volume off.

If they asked my opinion about what to do with almost $5B, I’d say what about giving it to Type 1 Diabetes Medical Research, Feeding AmericaWounded Warrior Project, Salvation Army, Red Cross, or paying down some of the national debt.

On the first Tuesday in November, vote like your future and the future of your family depends upon the results of the election because it does.

There – I’ve had my say until election day.

Now back to grandchildren, gardening, traveling, camping and other pursuits I have ‘some’ control over.

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6 Responses to Political Ads

  1. A Table in the Sun says:

    I vote they spend the money on creating REAL jobs.


  2. Interesting you should mention this. I recently told my husband that if one of the candidates would run a BRIEF commercial saying they refuse to waste even one more dollar, much less millions, on ridiculous political ads no one wants to hear and instead put that money toward any of the many good causes that could use those millions, I would vote for THAT candidate, no matter which one it was, as that would show common sense and an understanding of how ridiculous and wasteful the election process has become.

    There, I’ve now had my only public say on the political process, too. Hurry up, election day!


  3. Susan Adcox says:

    We missed the boat back when John McCain was traveling the country in the Straight Talk Express pushing for campaign reform. I certainly wish we had all gotten aboard back then. That doesn’t mean that I think he should have been President, but he did have the right idea back in 2000. Now there is no momentum for reform.


  4. So much money going down the drain – these politicians should be ashamed!


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