Girls and their Dolls

Girls and dolls – two things that just go together. In our family, we have three generations of females and dolls.


Back  in the 1950’s, my prized possession was my walking doll, Patsy. She went everywhere with me. My Mom and Aunt made her clothes and bedding. We were a team, Patsy and me.


In the 1970’s, my daughter received a Cabbage Patch doll named Callie as a gift. My Mother was a seamstress extraordinaire and made that doll a wardrobe to be envied by the fashion industry. The clothes were all coordinated and beautifully sewn. My granddaughter still plays with her occasionally.


Although my granddaughter enjoys the Cabbage Patch doll, the doll of her dreams is Alicia, an American Girl Doll, that she  has had for seven years now. Alicia has some American Girl friends including Felicity and Elizabeth, but when it comes to which one is the favorite it is Alicia.

Alicia is special. She’s been to Monticello, Mount Vernon, Saratoga Springs, Cooperstown – she goes where my granddaughter goes.

American Girl has a great line of dolls and accessories. They are expensive but are of a high quality and last a long time.

If the American Girl line is out of your price range, which I can certainly understand, there are other options for 18″ dolls available at box stores that are very similar. Stores like Michaels also have a pretty good line of accessories like shoes that fit an 18″ doll.

I supplement their wardrobes by sewing for the dolls of today as well as the historical dolls. The smile on my granddaughter’s face when she receives a new outfit is worth every hour of sewing.

American Girl tea party

I’m not sure who little boys talk to about all the things in their lives (I need to ask my grandson), but girls have a wonderful friend who listens to all of their concerns and dreams – their doll. If these three dolls could talk, what stories they could tell.

Patsy and Callie rest most of the time now, but Alicia is a busy girl. Camping season is here, and Alicia loves to camp. Save your dolls, you never know who may want to play with them in the future.

Patsy, Callie, and Alicia

Granddaughter and Dolls: “Dolls are just hard to beat.”

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16 Responses to Girls and their Dolls

  1. carolcovin says:

    My grandmother made an entire wardrobe for my porcelain-headed, eyes open and close, soft body like a baby’s doll, Nancy. I still have her and all her clothes.


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    Amara is going to love this post! For her it is Lily and she does go everywhere!


  3. It’s interesting that you post this as I was just the other night thinking about how I could/should display all the dolls I have left that were once my daughters’ but they didn’t take with them when moving out (silly girls!). The spare room where my grandsons stay when visiting is so much a BOYS room. Though I’ll surely have granddaughters at some point. Maybe I’ll just keep the dolls packed away until then. Maybe…
    I always wanted to get my daughters and American Girls doll. But with three daughters, the expense of the dolls kept me from doing so. Maybe my granddaughters will fare much better (or be happy with all the dolls I have left of their mothers’). 😀
    Great post. ♥


    • Judy says:

      I’ll bet some future granddaughters will love playing with those dolls. And, just think of all the fun you’ll have buying American Girl dolls or clothes for those granddaughters.


  4. Joyce says:

    I loved reading this because my doll experience has been so similar to yours! I still have my 50’s walking doll, “Barbara.” My mother made her a lovely white dress with red velvet cape, so she comes out for Christmas every year. My daughter’s Cabbage Patch, “Ernie,” is still here and I made him lots of clothes from the store patterns. And finally, all 3 daughters had an American Girl doll. Molly and two Kirstens, plus the baby doll and many accessories. I have 3 granddaughters so far and am hoping they will want to keep these for future generations!


  5. Lynne Ayers says:

    Ahh, yes the Cabbage Patch doll ….


  6. Debra Pugh says:

    Cabbage Patch brings back memories…they were all the rage and yet I had 3 boys.That is so nice that you can sew all those clothes for the american girl doll!
    Have a couple barbies, one little sister, and a ken here for when brents older sister kate is over…a car and house ( mid price house not the super good kind ) and it seems that what she enjoys the most is changing their outfits!
    Ken is kind of modern looking with long hair and one of scott’s friends jokingly named him Mr Creepy. So now Brent has called him Mr Creepy for six months now as if that is his real name, lol!


    • Judy says:

      Yes, changing the outfits seems to really be the big draw. The next time I see a Ken doll, I’m going to be thinking Mr. Creeping – thanks for the chuckle.


  7. grand-player says:

    I just knit my granddaughter a poncho, hat and skirt for her American Girl Doll. They turned out great and she loves them. Found free instructions at this site. enjoy.


  8. haha! My daughter loves playing with my old cabbage patch kids. I hope she never finds out about American girl. I have been in one of the stores – Holy man!!


    • Judy says:

      Everything they make is high quality, but it is also expensive. My granddaughter has really enjoyed having American Girl dolls as part of her life, but they are definitely Christmas and Birthday gifts not every day gifts.


  9. Connie says:

    How wonderful that you still have your doll and you are passing that fun down. And you sew for the dolls too, so nice. I had a barbie doll and my daughter had every barbie thing every made I think. I tried sewing clothes for them but that can make you crazy, everything is so small! Thanks for linking with me 🙂


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