The tale of two tomatoes

Here at 1840 Farm, we have had a banner year for heirloom tomatoes.

My husband and I grew some Heirloom Beefsteak and Brandywine slicing tomatoes, and an assortment of cherry tomatoes including Black Cherry, Gardener’s Delight, and Blondkopfchen.

Our daughter, husband and grandkids grew a long list of different and delicious Heirloom tomatoes including two of their favorites, Purple Calabash and German Johnson.

Between us there have been pounds of tomatoes eaten and pounds processed for the coming winter months. We do love our tomatoes.

But, we have had a good chuckle because in one growing season, we won a ‘biggest’ and an ‘ugliest’ tomato contest.

The biggest tomato contest was sponsored by Jennifer Sartell, Iron Oak Farm. They have a great farming/gardening blog and sell some wonderful, unique gifts in their Etsy shop including roving and hand forged items by her husband.

The ugliest tomato contest was held by Steve Bender, the Grumpy Gardener. Steve is on Facebook regularly and writes a gardening blog for Southern Living.

We’re also in the running for the ugliest tomato contest on Soulsby Farm’s Blog. If you want to check out some really ugly tomatoes and hopefully vote for our entry, #11, head on over to their Ugly Tomato Contest.

Interestingly enough, both tomatoes were Heirloom Brandywines.



This gardening season we have battled tomato horn worms, beetles a plenty, and now late blight. I love organic gardening, but a good sense of humor is required because laughing is better than crying when you choose not to use pesticides.

However, in just one of our 4’x16′ double high raised beds, we have grown 46 lbs. 5 and 7/8 oz. of tomatoes so far.  Hope your gardens have done well and provided you with lots of fresh produce.

We’re still harvesting but have to acknowledge we are moving into the fall and winter seasons – temps are dropping and leaves are changing.

It will become time to read all the seed catalogs so we can plan for the 2013 gardening season. Let’s face it – a gardener’s job is never done.

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9 Responses to The tale of two tomatoes

  1. Whoa, one ugly tomato there! Congrats on all your tomatoes!! I has been the worst year ever for me, I am still shaking my head. Good luck in the contest and enjoy eating the tomatoes well into winter.


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    That ugly tomato really is ugly but you have sure had a lot of wonderful ones to eat and I am very jealous! Next year!!


  3. I am so impressed by your haul. Great job! I pulled my one lone zucchini from the garden yesterday…and was quite proud of it. I can only imagine how proud YOU must be!

    And yes, that’s one darn ugly tomato!


    • Judy says:

      Would be glad to share if we lived closer. We got over 4 lbs.of tomatoes just today. We had to pull out our zucchini plants after the bugs got them, but I did get ten bags frozen so we can have some zucchini muffins and cake this winter. Love zucchini and tomatoes of course!


  4. Debra Pugh says:

    Well…congrats on ALL the tomatoes 🙂 What counts is when you slice into them and how they taste! 🙂


  5. Debra Pugh says:

    GOOD GRIEF YOU NEED MORE GRANDMAS: I just went to vote and you are behind! Get the word out! 🙂


    • Judy says:

      Thank you for the chuckle. Yes, we are behind, and I guess I have to admit as ugly as our tomato was there are two there that make ours look good looking.


  6. elizabethweaver says:

    Beautiful shots!


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