Fairy House Tour 2012

This weekend we went to the 8th Annual Fairy House Tour in Portsmouth, NH, held on the beautiful grounds of Strawbery Banke, Prescott Park and the Governor John Langdon House. Proceeds from the tour are donated to area nonprofit organizations, schools and civic groups that participate in the Tour.

It was a beautiful fall day, sun shining and temperature in the upper 60’s. Families were out and about – boys exploring and girls all dressed up. There were miles of tulle and fairy wings in every color.

This was, without a doubt, the biggest crowd we’d ever seen. So, with a crowd you need a crossing guard…

Crossing Guard

Crossing Guard with pith helmet, tutu and wings – what a hoot.

These pictures can’t do justice to the creativity because it just has to be seen in person, up close, and personal. But there were so many fairy houses, you couldn’t have counted them, and I couldn’t have photographed them all because I couldn’t get close enough to even see them all.

They were tall, short, big, and small. They were decorated with flowers, acorns, feathers, leaves, shells, rocks, moss of all kinds, and everything else you might find in a yard or barn. We hope you enjoy our photos because we sure enjoyed the Tour.

Acorn Fairy Garden - 1840 Farm

Granddaughter’s Acorn Fairy Garden in a drawer – 1840 Farm

Fairy Teepee Village - 1840 Farm

Grandson’s Fairy Teepee Village in a box – 1840 Farm

Fairy House School

Fairy House School with desks and chairs

Fairy Tree House

Fairy Tree House

Fairy House Observatory

Fairy House Observatory with small mirrors surrounding the top

Coppal Farm Pumpkin Fairy House

Coppal Farm Pumpkin Fairy House

Fairy Yarn Shop

Fairy Yarn Shop – apologies to the lady in the background for clicking the picture when I did.

Tall Fairy House

Tall Fairy House


Fairy Herb Shop

Fairy Herb Shop with herbs in baskets and hanging

Thyme for Tea Shop

Thyme for Tea Shop with tables and chairs

Fairy Dress Shop

Fairy Dress Shop

Fairy House Theatre

Fairy House Theatre with shells for seats and Lambs Ear for curtains

Fairy House Trellis

Fairy House built inside a trellis that supports flowers

Limb Fairy House

Limb Fairy House – I need to find one of these limbs

Tracy Kane's Fairy House

Tracy Kane’s Fairy House

Linked to Grandparents’ Say It Saturday.


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22 Responses to Fairy House Tour 2012

  1. Donna says:

    Besides your grandchildren’s I liked the limb one, too. Will keep my eye open for a limb like that. People are so creative. Wish I was.


  2. carolcovin says:

    Love how creative these houses are! Especially love the crossing guard with wings:) My husband volunteers at a local teaching garden and they have a children’s garden with fairies.


  3. leduesorelle says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos from the day! We’d attended the Passport event that evening, and it was lovely to see the fairy houses in twilight…


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    Those really are just amazing and you did get some great pictures! Just amazing where your imagination can take you! Thanks so much for sharing these — I will show Amara!


    • Judy says:

      Wish you and she could have gone with us – they were amazing. The local paper said over 4,000 people attended. I can only compare it to the sand castle contests – you just marvel at individual creativity.


  5. Joyce says:

    I just love it when people make room in their busy lives for something so whimsical and charming! My favorite is the school room! I don’t know if NH just has more than its share of wonderful things to visit, or if you are just extra-good at ferreting them out, but your grandchildren are the envied beneficiaries of all the adventures you find for them!


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  7. MythRider says:

    Thanks for the tour. Sorry I missed it. I mention the tour and you on my latest post.


    • Judy says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Funny you should mention adults. I saw two adult women all dressed up as fairies and one young man volunteering who had some black wings on – all three looked like they were having a ball regardless of what anyone else might think.


  8. My son and I would be jumping for joy and excitement if we are to see this in person. Magical event. Makes me hopeful that grown people kept the creative, happy, imaginative child-like spirit in their hearts. Beautiful, fun photos!


    • Judy says:

      So glad you enjoyed it. We’ve gone several years, and I am always amazed at what people can do with natural items picked up around your yard – bridges, fences, furniture – it is great.


  9. We made fairy gardens this year in flower pots… so much fun.. love all the natural ideas used… very creative!


  10. Debra says:

    These are all so cute and imaginative…loved this post!


  11. So creative! Thanks for sharing such awesome photos. My faves: the teepee village, the school and the venue that looked quite similar to Red Rocks. 😀 Wonderful post.


  12. Kaye Swain says:

    Oh how cute, What fun for grandchildren. Thank you.


  13. Connie says:

    I love this! I can imagine the kids really enjoy it too. I’ll have to plan a project for my grand kids like this we they are a little older. I’ll know they would love it too. thanks for linking with me.


  14. JSD says:

    These are adorable! What a wonderful way to share a day with the grandkids!


  15. elizabethweaver says:

    Very sweet. Thank you for sharing the photos, especially the limb fairy house, and also for viewing my blog.


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