Went to the Fair

Being farmers and gardeners, we love to go to a good old fashioned agricultural fair, and we try to take the grandkids to to a different one every year.

This year we chose the Deerfield Fair which has been playing to the residents of New Hampshire and neighboring states for 136 years.

Can you imagine, Ulysses S. Grant was President of the United States the year the Deerfield Fair started?

Deerfield Fair

The pricing and parking at this fair were great. Parking is right across from the entrance and is $5 per car. Admission is $10 per adult or $7 per senior and children under 12 are free. Love it!

The fairgrounds were beautifully maintained and decorated. It was without a doubt the prettiest fair setting I’ve ever seen.

We spent quite a bit of time at the horse show ring, and it was wonderful.

Horse show ring

Horse show ring and Equestrian riders

Friesian horse and hackney cart

Friesian horse and hackney cart

Then we were on to the agricultural barns to see the dairy cows, sheep that were being judged, goats, alpacas, and poultry exhibits.



Dwarf Nigerian Goat

Dwarf Nigerian Goat that looks a lot like our own Zinnia




Handsome Rooster


Sleeping Duck



Once we were done checking out all the animal barns, we headed to the craft barns and were wowed with the exhibits which included photography, painting, quilting, rugs, fresh vegetables, canning of all types, and everything else you can imagine at a fair.

Bear photo

A photo of a bear that the grandkids thought was great.

Horse oil painting

My granddaughter loved this horse oil painting.

Beautiful Quilt

Wonderful quilt


Beautiful hand-made rug

The giant pumpkin weigh-in was after we were there, but a 1,843.5 pound pumpkin grown in NH garnered the world record. But, a week later a pumpkin grown in Rhode Island weighed in at over a ton, 2,009 pounds to be exact, at the Topsfield Fair taking over the world record. This became the largest pumpkin in history and the largest fruit ever grown in the world. Wow!

Walking through the fairgrounds, I’m pretty sure we were the only people there not eating fried food of every type including enough french fries to make a dent in the stock pile of Idaho potatoes.

How big were the servings of french fries? Well, they were being served in large cardboard dog bowls. Hope that gives you a visual?

We had a great time at the Deerfield Fair and might just have to break our tradition and go back there next year. It truly was an old-fashioned New England fair that allowed us to enjoy the agricultural history of our state.

Granddaughter (11) commented:  The horse show was really good, and they had nice animals in the barns.

Grandson (6) commented:  I liked the potties. (Well, when a six year-old boy really doesn’t like port-a-potties, he was very appreciative of clean toilets that flush. Gotta love the honesty of a six-year old boy.)

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9 Responses to Went to the Fair

  1. I see why they love that bear picture! I would’ve enjoyed the horses!


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    What wonderful pictures – the animals really are the best part of any fair although I used to love the craft booths. So much fun to see all of the beautifully decorated cakes and all of the pretty quilts and stuff. thanks for sharing!


  3. Nancy says:

    Love all of the critters and that oil painting is amazing.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Rural Thursdays.


  4. Debra says:

    LOL the potties! Love it.

    That quilt is amazing as well as the rug!!


  5. Thanks for sharing your day at the show. It looks very similar to the agricultural show held a few fields away from us each August. Great days out aren’t they!


  6. benleeirene says:

    I love fairs; my husband and I are going to the Texas State Fair soon.


  7. agricultural fairs are so much fun! Looks like you had a great time!


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