Went to the Fair – the Craft Fair

I spent last Saturday at a craft fair to support the Wiggin Memorial Library. A whole day with my daughter and no dirt under our nails – what a treat.

She had her 1840 Farm booth set up and was selling her wonderful aprons and wine sleeves made from men’s dress shirts, and her beautiful hand coiled baskets made with repurposed fabrics.

1840 Farm

Hand Coiled Egg Basket

Hand Coiled Egg Basket

Our family has a long history of women who work with fabric going back to my great-grandmother. I have one of her hand quilted pieces, my grandmother made fabric rugs from repurposed fabrics, my mother was an extremely skilled seamstress, I sew, quilt and paint, my daughter is a true artisan, and my granddaughter tears strips for the baskets and crafts a variety of products for her Breyer horse collection.

Six generations of skilled women in our family crafting with repurposed materials – now that’s something to celebrate, and we do.

I must admit to having a good time walking around and talking to the other skilled crafters so I thought I’d share some photos.


Beautiful jeweled Tutus and hair bows – depaulis@yahoo.com

Pine Wood Products had wonderful signs, bird houses and bird feeders

Doll clothes

Beautiful doll clothes and sleeping bags that fit 18″ dolls can be found on Dollsinmind.wordpress.com

Diva gloves

Diva cleaning gloves are made by jackie55hopkinson@gmail.com



Jackie at jackie55hopkinson@gmail.com had some beautiful items for children


Bows and headbands

Little Cutie Cakes Boutique can be found on their website or Etsy site


This handsome felted Polar Bear can also be found at Scarlet Cord Designs’ Etsy Shop or KrisKeese.blogspot.com

This gorgeous felted pumpkin can be found at Scarlet Cord Designs’ Etsy Shop or KrisKeese.blogspot.com

Luciemiller@comcast.net had gorgeous Botanical Art Cards


Labor of Love’s beautiful clothing and diaper covers can be found at hyenacart.com/laboroflovediapers

Like supporting local farmers – support your local crafters and artisans. It is not only good for the local community, it makes you feel good to buy unique hand-made gifts for those you care about.


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9 Responses to Went to the Fair – the Craft Fair

  1. Damaris says:

    What gorgeous colours. I love the ring on the Diva glove, especially!
    You must be very proud. The ancestor I’m named after (Damaris) was from a family of Huguenot silk weavers, and there are a few ‘knitters’ in my family (not me, though, alas). Other than that …


  2. Looks a very busy event.


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    What great offerings! I would have gone broke buying up everything! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I love your daughters table. Really nice ideas. I never thought of using the hand coiled baskets for eggs. That is kind of fun, I think i have the opportunity to take a workshop on that shortly. FUN FUN! Love the felted items too. Hope it went well.


  5. JSD says:

    That looks like so much fun!


  6. Ha! Great diva gloves! I love the bird houses and the coiled baskets. I have a handcoiled basket my stepmother made, in Christmas colors. Such talent in all the goods and what fun to peruse the fair.


  7. Debra says:

    Your daughters table is wonderful…love those baskets. I have to say though, that I bust out laughing at the diva gloves farther on down. What will they think of next 🙂


    • Judy says:

      Oh, I did the same thing – that is why I had to take the picture. I’d like to meet the person who buys those gloves because s/he would certainly have a bubbly personality.


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