WINNER – Hallmark Christmas Giveaway

Congratulations to Sued51 for being the lucky #13 from the entries left on the Blog and on Facebook. The winning number was picked by The Hallmark package will be sent from Hallmark in Kansas City. Thanks to everyone who left a comment.


We’re a Hallmark family. What can I say, we like their products.

One of our holiday traditions is going shopping locally for our yearly ornaments so that when the grandchildren grow up and go off on their own they have a meaningful collection of ornaments to start decorating their own tree just like their Mom did when she got married.

Nicole’s Hallmark, Dover, NH

Hallmark Ornaments

Grandkids picking out ornaments – A Pony for Christmas for my granddaughter, a Star Wars General Grievous for my grandson, and a Snoopy playing a juke box for their Mom.

This year in addition to our ornament adventure, we were also given some special cards by Hallmark Cards to review and giveaway to a  lucky reader. What fun!

Recordable Wish List: Children can record their wish lists directly into this card to let Santa know what they’d like to receive for Christmas. Fun for all ages, the Recordable Wish List card is especially perfect for little ones who aren’t yet able to write a wish list for Santa. It is also a great keepsake for family members to capture a child’s voice and personality at that moment in time.

Countdown Cards: With the help of Mickey Mouse or one of Santa’s friendly elves, these cards double as a holiday greeting and a functioning countdown clock. Display the card and watch the days and hours tick away, bringing you closer to the excitement of Christmas Day.

If you’d like further information on the cards, you can check out this video.

Now for the fun part, if you want to be in the drawing for the Hallmark giveaway including the following, please leave a comment below or visit our Facebook page and leave a comment there. You can earn up to two entries for the drawing.

  • An Interactive Recordable Greeting
  • An Interactive Countdown Greeting
  • An assortment of additional boxed and Signature Collection greetings

Sample of Greeting cards

We will pick the winner on Sunday, November 18, at 6 p.m. EST in plenty of time to send these wonderful cards to those special people in your life.

Just imagine for a minute not having to hand write a list to Santa and not having to answer that age-old question of how many more days until I can open my presents.

My grandson programmed the Countdown Card in a few seconds. He moved the small switch from ‘off’ to ‘set’ and put in the current date. Then he moved it to “on,” and it started counting down immediately. The card is displayed in their dining room so the kids can see for themselves how many days are left.

The Recordable Wishlist Card is waiting to be recorded with the special presents the kids are hoping Santa will bring.

Get your name in the drawing and have a happy start to the holiday season!


I would like to thank Hallmark Cards for allowing me the opportunity to review these items. They sent me a sample in order to allow me to evaluate it and get feedback from the family especially my grandchildren. I did not receive additional compensation for writing my review. The review framework did not guarantee a positive review in exchange for the receipt of their product. This review contains both facts about the product and my opinion of its acceptance by children.


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    • Judy says:

      Society currently recognizes and applauds those who work outside the home. You have chosen to devote your many talents to working inside the home. In a social situation, it seems those working outside don’t know how to carry on an intelligent conversation with those currently inside. I’ve been there and totally respect your choices. Happy holidays.


  2. Debra says:

    Those keepsake ornaments are wonderful! 🙂


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