Girls and their horses

When I spent my summers at Brookside Farm, I lived for trying to convince my grandfather to get me a horse. He wisely knew that the other nine months of the year, he’d be feeding that hay burner.

When my daughter was a teen we had two horses and then we had two miniature horses. We loved them all.

Last summer, I smiled hearing my eleven-year old granddaughter tell me that seeing the Lipizzaner Stallions perform was on her ‘horse bucket list.’

I see and talk to her almost every day but who knew at eleven she had bucket lists!

Since I take my responsibilities as a grandmother seriously, when she mentioned that the Lipizzaners were going to be at the Hamilton House, part of Historic New England, in our neighboring state of Maine, I thought I should check it out and see if we could cross that off her list of horse things to see.

Hermann’s Royal Lipizzaner Stallions were scheduled to perform on August 3, 4, and 5th. So, with tickets in hand, we were off to enjoy the show.

A week later NOFA NH was sponsoring a meeting at Coppal House, Lee, NH, where they use draft horses to work the land. So, we decided to go check out their beautiful Belgian draft horses and were amazed at their beauty, size, and working capacity.

On the way home from Coppal House she asked if we could stop at the University of New Hampshire Equine Study Horse Barns. She loves walking the aisles of the UNH horses barns. It is a wonderful facility that is open to the public. So, of course, we stopped.

A few days later, we spent the day at the 2012 Jumper Classic, Hampton Falls, NH, watching some top-notch equestrian riders. This is a wonderful event and the first three days of trials they offer free admission. We have gone for several years, and each year we stay a little longer.

During a week and a half, she was able to see the Lippizaners, Belgians, horse barns, and equestrians – all during unseasonably hot and humid weather. We carried water, chairs, and umbrellas everywhere we went.

It was all worth it to see her excited and smiling as she crossed items off her horse bucket list. Being the grandmother of a pre-teen who loves horses really is the best job.

Granddaughter’s thoughts on horses:  The Lipizzaners were great. The Belgian draft horses were beautiful. It is so nice that UNH opens the horse barn to the public, and Cooper is my favorite horse. Every year at Hampton Falls Jumper Classic it is so cool to watch different riders and horses from all over the world.

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10 Responses to Girls and their horses

  1. I raised 9 kids, one is still 17, with an old, pacify Arabian and a young Canadian Sports Horse- nothing like horses to give kids a healthy diversion from trouble


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    You guys sure horsed around a lot this week, didn’t you?! This is very cool! For all of you! I wish there was somewhere close by like UNH where I could take Amara but I did some Google research and it would be about a 2 hour drive to the closest place. Certainly not easy to stop by.


  3. Riding is wonderful for kids. Despite being city-dwellers, my three all took riding lessons and rode for years and loved it immensely. On saturdays we’d drive up to Danvers (MA) and spend most of the day at the barn. lots of fun and a great thing for the 4 of us to do together!


  4. gooseyanne says:

    Hmmm – girls and their horses – had two boys who were horse-mad (for a while) – that will form the subject of a forthcoming blog!


  5. Debra says:

    What a GRAND time! I always wanted a horse when I was a young girl too…


  6. Grandma Kc says:

    You are such a good Grandmother! If you and your granddaughter ever come to California you must take her to Sea World to see the Clydesdales. They are just amazing animals.


    • Judy says:

      We are so lucky because there is an Anheuser Busch Clydesdale Hamlet here in NH about an hour from home. The wood used on the walls and stalls is more beautiful than most trim wood in homes. It is spotless, and, of course, the Clydesdales are so beautiful. You reminded me though – we need to go again.


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