It’s Snowing

We live in New England, and it snows here.


I know I’m going to show my mature age with this question, but are you old enough to remember when you found out if it was snowing by looking out the window? I am.

Now we have a huge support system to report the weather including televised weather, snow trackers, weather texts, storm warnings, weather on the radio, weather on the 8’s, weather on the web, a TV channel devoted to weather, and apps available for download.

A few years back, when it was snowing you either had a snowstorm or a blizzard depending upon visibility.

Now we have a Nor’easter, microburst, or snow mist, and the reporters discuss actual temperatures versus wind chill, water vapor, names for the storm, and they pick up the snow and show it to us like we don’t know what it looks like.

I can’t stop chuckling at how complicated we’ve made something that was so simple.

What would my grandfather have done on a December morning? He would have pulled up the shade, looked out the window and determined if he needed to shovel or not in order to tend the animals. And, that’s what we did today.


So far, we’ve moved over a foot of snow and we’ll be back at it once or twice more because it is still snowing hard which I can see out my window.

Snow is beautiful, if you just didn’t have to move it from where it lands. But, I think that’s called living in a condo. I much prefer the farm so I’d better check to see if my coat, pants, gloves, and boots are dry so I can head back out to shovel some more before dark.


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7 Responses to It’s Snowing

  1. Donna says:

    How lucky you are!!! We got five inches and it has about stopped. My plowman just came in.


  2. JSD says:

    How funny that we were just talking about the exact same thing this morning…when we were growing up it was either snowing…or it wasn’t. Life is just getting too complicated, isn’t it? Hope you didn’t get too much more snow.


  3. Gorgeous!
    Snow around Christmas is exactly how things should be! Like you, I remember the excitement of looking out the window and yelling “Snow day!” Dang weather channel has taken all the fun out of it by telling us what to expect a week ahead of time!!!


  4. Debra says:

    LOL only five minutes ago Brent and his Uncle Shawn woke up in the living room, looked out the window and said “Is it snowing? “


  5. Grandma Kc says:

    Do you remember those cold snowy mornings sitting in front of the radio to see if they were going to cancel the schools and which ones? Love your pictures but so glad I don’t live in it anymore!


    • Judy says:

      Yes, I do remember that. And, I’m sitting here laughing and thinking, at the very least, I wish the snow would come down in smaller increments that I could lift and push easier. Step outside, breathe in the warmth and have a good chuckle – we have more coming.


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