Wordless Wednesday – 01/09/13

Lowell's Sugar Shack

Delicious NH Maple Syrup from Lowell’s Sugar Shack, our North Country friends.


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10 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – 01/09/13

  1. Donna says:

    Is it full or empty? We are down to one last jug. Thank goodness it’s almost sap time!!


  2. Susan Adcox says:

    I haven’t had any real maple syrup in years! I think it’s time for a splurge.


  3. Robert Edler says:

    Alas, the only thing maple trees in Missouri give you are twirlers.


    • Judy says:

      Having lived in KS for many, many years, I understand. Tapping the maple trees up here is a real treat, and the syrup is certainly worth the hard work of boiling the sap.


  4. I love maple Syrup – I wish we could get the real stuff here.


  5. gooseyanne says:

    You can`t see him but Goosey is the other side of that jar quietly pecking a beak-sized hole in it! Yummy.


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  7. Damaris says:

    My mother was American, from New York State, and every year a relative used to send us a small can of maple syrup to the UK. I most remember as a child having it on pancakes for Shrove Tuesday – it was the best!


    • Judy says:

      So glad you’ve gotten to enjoy the ‘real’ thing. Real maple syrup is like ‘real’ honey purchased from an aviary in that you never really want the stuff off the grocery store again.


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