Wordless Wednesday – 03/13/13


Outside is still snow covered. Inside there is a beautiful Day Lily blooming. 🙂


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10 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – 03/13/13

  1. lesuperkikke says:

    Bellissima foto 🙂


  2. Joyce says:

    Beautiful picture! It looks like an angel!


  3. Where I live (South Louisiana) we call that a “Walking Iris” and it lives outside. Ours will start to bloom around mid-April. Beautiful photo. It reminds us of things to come in our garden. Thanks for visiting my blog today!


  4. What a beautiful flower. Lovely rich blue highlights.


  5. Debra says:

    What in the world kind of daylily IS THAT ?? I have never seen one like that / it is stunning!!


    • A friend gave it to me about six years ago. He said it came from South America. It has 4-10 blooms per year with the bloom lasting one day. It starts new plants very much like an airplane plant. It is a wonderful event during our long winters, and I would be thrilled to share if we lived closer. It has had four blooms so far and has several more buds on. I’m not a huge inside plant person, but love this one.


  6. Wow! Day lilies in the house!! What a beautiful one. I have not seen that before!


  7. Jamie says:

    Holy moly that’s gorgeous!


  8. Grandma Kc says:

    That is a beautiful flower! I was so excited yesterday as 4 of my Oriental lilies poked through the ground yesterday. Lilies are my favorites but I have nothing like that one! Thanks for sharing it.


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