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A couple of weeks ago, my blogging friend, Connie, at Family Home and Life asked me if I’d like to write a guest post for her.

I love Connie and her blog so “yes,” I’d be thrilled.

Connie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, has five children, nine grandchildren, and enjoys a lot of family indoor and outdoor activities.

She also has a couple of unique aspects to her blog that I really like.

Connie maintains a Grandparent Blogger Directory currently listing 52 blogs where you can find a wide variety of interests and skills. There is something there for everyone.

Every Saturday, Connie also hosts Grandparents Say it Saturday where you can link a family post and see what your fellow bloggers are up to.

I hope you will visit Connie at her blog Family Home and Life or on Facebook. Have a great day!

Grandparentsplus2 Guest Post


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  1. What a wonderful guest post! 🙂


  2. heading over there to read it right now!


  3. Guest blogging is always fun…..good for you!


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