Spring in New England

It always amazes me when the calendar says it is spring, and the reality is it is still winter.

I heard laughter this morning, looked outside and there was my granddaughter sledding on our family made hill. She was getting quite the ride because the snow was crusty.

And, on the other side of the hill my grandson was shooting baskets in the driveway. This was a perfect example of spring and winter doing their yearly dance to see who was leading. At this point, winter-1, spring-0.


While we wait for the snow to melt, the sap is flowing, and we’ll still need to go through mud season to get to gardening season. That sure seems like a long time until I see something green again.

In the meantime, the shop lights will come down from the attic, the rolling shelf will be moved into place, the cover wrapped around it, and the seeds will start their journey to life.

Planting seeds is good for the garden as well as the soul. Let’s face it, there is nothing more fun than watching seeds grow into seedlings then mature into plants that produce a harvest of fresh vegetables or beautiful flowers.

Regardless of the season, I’m a gardener.

I love the smell of soil and compost, dirt under my nails, wet spots on my knees, cap on my head, and gardening shoes that are a disgrace but comfortable. Ah, gardening season – I can hardly wait.

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14 Responses to Spring in New England

  1. Smack in the middle of Mud Season down here, but the lights are on, and the seedlings are growing. Every now and then, I catch a tiny whiff of spring…


  2. I sure hope spring comes soon for you!!!


  3. kate says:

    We’re on the verge of mud season here. The last of the snow should be gone in a day or two (I hope!)


  4. Ogee says:

    Gardeners are always looking forward…to rest in winter…to work in spring. It will arrive soon…just not soon enough! Enjoy the seeds. 🙂


  5. Joyce says:

    Even for us “non-gardeners” mud season is yucky. Hoping for spring today but when I backed out of the garage there were flurries on my windshield…..at this point even mud would look good simply because it’s not frozen!


  6. Love the new header!


  7. This reminds me of taking my kids sledding when they were small. We used to live near a city park with very modest hill. To get any speed I had to pull their sled with a rope and then let go. It was enough to make them happy when they were little.


  8. Grandma Kc says:

    Wonderful pictures!I remember how much fun it was to go sledding on bright sunny days like that as winter FINALLY came to an end and it wasn’t so very cold. I love spring! Even in southern California where you don’t think of seasons all of the trees and flowers are starting to bud and it is wonderful! Hope your’s gets there soon!


  9. What a fun post…sledding on one side , hoops on the other! : )


  10. Christina says:

    I cannot imagine living somewhere that is covered in snow for so long; I think I’d go crazy. Christina


    • Well…if people are honest about it there probably isn’t anyone up here who doesn’t think they’ll go over the edge if they see one more snow flake after we shoveled over 7 feet of it. But, there are a lot of folks who live to ski and snowmobile so they are ecstatic. 🙂


  11. Can’t wait to get seed planting myself as soon as I get home. It’s bit late, but can’t be helped. Hope mud season has arrived and the sun is shining.


    • We had sleet and snow on Friday. 😦 But my seeds are on the shelves under the lights wrapped in the silver emergency blankets and I had flowers and squash up in three days. Waiting for tomatoes and cukes.


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