Patriots’ Day – Boston – April 15, 2013

FlagPatriots’ Day commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, which were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, is celebrated every year in Boston.

Schools are closed, the Redsox play, and the renown Boston Marathon is run and celebrated by Massachusetts residents and visitors.

In many cases, running the Boston Marathon requires raising thousands of dollars for charity while the runner works for months or years to get into shape to run the 26 miles.

All along the race route, residents line the road and encourage the runners on while families gather at the finish line to cheer their loved one on as they complete the race.

My family has gathered there twice in the past to cheer my son-in-law on as he crossed that line.

Yesterday as families and friends gathered at the finish line, terrorism struck.

Those of us who live in the Northeast and love Boston are still wondering why. When the investigation is complete, there probably won’t be a logical reason because this type of cowardly attack is not logical.

As adults, we watched the tragedy of 9/11 unfold and lost what was left of our innocence that day. Yesterday, I watched my grandchildren lose theirs.

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8 Responses to Patriots’ Day – Boston – April 15, 2013

  1. melouisef says:

    This is really terrible, I send you all my condolences.
    Woke up with the news this morning


  2. It is heartbreaking that there is no innocence left in our children and grandchildren. I heard this morning about a little boy who saw his father’s leg blown off. That image will stay with him forever. Nora O’Donnell on CBS this morning was horrified by the story. As a mother, we tried always to protect our children from hurt, sadness, and evil. Yesterday evil was present. But, yesterday, there were SO many hero’s also. I feel like today is Sept 12, 2001 all over again. I sobbed yesterday at the news; for the changes in our country that will come because of this terror act again. We will never be the same. My daughter has run marathons, I have stood at the finish when they ran 5K’s; I watched these runners “running for a cause” . Heartwrenching.


  3. Susan Adcox says:

    Most of those who run marathons do so for the pure joy of running and striving for a personal goal. The spectators are family and friends there to show their love and support. How sad that this was the venue chosen for an act of terrorism. I know it must be devastating for those who have crossed that finish line or stood there cheering on the runners, but it is a tragedy for all of us.


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    Yesterday was a terrible day. You must have felt the impact even more having stood before where those people were standing yesterday. I don’t want us to have to live like that — living in fear. I don’t want our children or our grandchildren to live in fear. Just holding my breath.


  5. It was a shocking and dastardly act. Everyone in the UK has been equally appalled and saddened at the needless injury and loss of life. On Sunday, at the London marathon, we’ll be remembering those who have suffered and demonstrating our solidarity and defiance alongside our friends in the USA. Terrorism will never triumph whilst there is good in the world.


  6. Joyce says:

    My sister lived not far from this site. She was a physician at Mass General Hospital. On frequent visits, I often walked the scene of this horrific crime. I am so sad. Just no words.


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