Three Ponds Dam

It’s camping season which means it is time to check out some new camping possibilities.

Cue a chuckle here because you cannot imagine what we have seen by doing this in person instead of online.

A week ago we set out for Milton, NH and found a campground on the water that will be on our list to try this year.

The Town of Milton located on the NH Maine border was incorporated in 1802 and has a current population of approximately 4,000.

During the 19th Century, Milton used water power to provide electricity for shoe factories, sawmills, woolen and felt mills, carriage shop and tannery.

Wool blankets manufactured in Milton were used by Admiral Robert E. Peary on his expedition to the North Pole  and Admiral Richard E. Byrd at the Antarctic.

Today, Milton is a quaint little town with a chain of large ponds, boat launch and public beach.

On this last visit, what caught my eye was a small island with a home built on it. When we pulled over to take a photo of the island, I noticed the dam, picnic area and the small town feel to the whole area. Oh, we’re going to have to go back with a picnic lunch.


Island residence

Milton Dam

Three Ponds Dam


Rushing water coming through Three Ponds Dam

Picnic table

Picnic area at Three Ponds Dam

Many of the wonderful New England mill towns have converted their mills inside to now include residences, offices and businesses. There are wonderful tall ceilings, large beams, and creaky wood floors. The interiors are like a small village with open doors and people chatting with neighbors.

It is a good thing to bring life back into these wonderful buildings with such a strong connection to our past. Now, if only the walls could talk what a history lesson we could enjoy.


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8 Responses to Three Ponds Dam

  1. Meredith/GreenCircleGrove says:

    Beautiful photos of a lovely spot. Makes me want to pack a picnic!


  2. I love to go camping. I haven’t been in the last few years. The grand kids are getting older. Time to get back out there 🙂 This looks like a beautiful place to camp. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    What wonderful pictures! It is going to be so much fun watching all your camping adventures this year. I have never been in your area and it really is fun to see it all through your eyes!


  4. rivardfarm says:

    You are right about the small town feel. We are just a few miles from Milton Mills. We have a steel beam in our garage that came from the old Milton Mills bridge (since replaced) near the location of the blanket factory you mentioned. We found some neat facts about the town and its industry from the Milton Mills Historical Society and the Milton Mills Library. It is a lot of fun to explore old town history.


  5. Joan Stommen says:

    Wow…does this bring back memories of out years in NE! We lived in Ipswich, MA….traveled up and down east as much as we could! NH and Maine are breathtaking….love the towns and quaintness. Great skiing in Vermont! Miss those years…..when and where my kids grew up! Thank you for sharing about this lovely town and it’s history!


  6. Joyce says:

    The place you found is absolutely enchanting! Wouldn’t it be fun to know the story of the island home? I’m sure you’ll eventually find out who lives there and when – and why – they built it!


  7. Debra says:

    What a beautiful area! Oh wouldn’t it be fun to be in that house on the little island for a day…


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