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I must admit I like Pinterest – there I said it out loud. For me, it is like subscribing to a variety of magazines but only looking at the pages you want while skipping the ads.

I visit a lot more in the winter months than during the gardening season and that means a lot of photos saved for projects.

I did two quick ones recently and am pretty happy with how they turned out.

There are several painted bicycles with flowers shown on Pinterest, and I like them all. So, a couple of weeks ago there on the side of the road were four bikes out for free pickup. Not being able to pass up a deal, we loaded two in the car.


Covering the bike required three cans of spray paint purchased at a box store. Three baskets were purchased at a local thrift store and used for plants – the two with handles were $1.99 each and the one with no handle was $.99. Liners were needed for the baskets, and I found some clear salad containers in the potting shed that I previously used for transplant covers.

Painted bike

Being the Yankee gardener that I am, I used small plants and have to patiently wait for the containers to fill in and drape over the sides but that is okay because I can enjoy the gardening journey.


With the painted bike done, I needed to make the bird bath made out of dishes I had seen at a recent craft fair for $50 each regardless of size or style.

The total for the dishes (plate, cup, saucer, bowl and two vases) was $9.98 at the thrift store, and I also purchased one tube of Loctite Stik’n Seal outdoor adhesive. Your imagination can go wild and you can be as creative as you want.

I wanted something kind of sturdy that might not break if the wind blew it over and I also lean towards monochromatic because I find it soothing. You can feel free to insert ‘boring’ here, It won’t hurt my feelings because I still like the soft sage green color. 🙂


I’ve also found two best friends when working outside. A Sharpie laundry marker purchased at an office supply store that lasts longer when you label plants and these ingenious Keeper bungee cords (25 for $8) I ordered from Amazon that I’m using for everything.

The marker is great for our seedlings and the bungee cords are holding tarps on the chicken run and temporary things all over the place.


Now for a few photos of what is coming up in the garden, and I wish you all good weather and a great gardening week.

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20 Responses to Gardening and DIY

  1. Donna says:

    You are so talented. That is beautiful. I wish I was half as creative as you are!! Anxious to see it in your garden.


  2. Debra says:

    The bike display is a great idea! I am chuckling because I get this wild morning glory looking plant ( I think it might be bindweed? The flowers look like white morning glories ) and last year Kate’s little purple bike with training wheels was parked on the side of the house by the back fence. She was not here for awhile and it sat for about a week and next you know the vine had grown like crazy and twined all around the bike. SO I had a display too just of a different sort, ha ha !

    The birdbath made of dishes is adorable! 🙂


  3. This is adorable….what a fun idea to do!


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    I love the bike! And I’m amazed you were able to find 4 bikes along side the road? You certainly turned that one into a wonderful addition to your gardens. Love all the pictures — I can almost smell the lilacs!


  5. Susan Adcox says:

    Very cool. Now I need you to identify the plants in your photos, because we don’t have the same ones down here in coastal Texas, and I always need to know the names of things.


    • Captions are one limitation on that photo array so here goes: Dwarf Siberian Iris, Hosta, Solomon’s Seal, Lily of the Valley, Clematis bud, Lilac, Peony bud, Hosta, Concord Grape bud, and Fern fronds. Our temps are unseasonably cool. It has been in the 50’s during the day and has been dropping to low 30’s at night so everything is kind of stuck in place but it’s not white out there and I don’t have to shovel it. 🙂


  6. Love the bike display. But I gotta say I don’t get pinterest, I can only handle so many types of social media at once.


    • I’m with you on too many types of social media. Pinterest to me is more like a file folder where I put photos I’ve torn out of magazines when I’m wanting to keep ideas or when I’m reading a blog post and want to capture a project. or plant so I don’t forget it. My husband has a board now where he keeps DIY and wood working projects. He loves it because the info is in one place.


  7. pbmgarden says:

    Happy gardening to you this week Judy. It’s so fun to see Hosta emerging from the soil. Deer like it too much here so I no longer grow it, but it is wonderful. Your dwarf iris is nice.


  8. I love Pinterest, too. I have to force myself to stay away or my time just is sucked into the vortex of those pins and boards and beautiful ideas.
    LOVE the bicycle planter and can’t wait to see the overflowing baskets. And you are anything but boring, my friend, monochromatic color scheme or not!
    Thank you for sharing in the GRAND Social! Cheers! 😀


  9. Very creative use of the bike…and I agree with you about pintrest, its a great place to browse images and look for creative inspiration. Like you its more of a winter occupation


  10. carolcovin says:

    Love the bicycles with baskets! They’re beautiful!


  11. Go check this out. You are a recipient of these no-strings-attached awards


  12. Joyce says:

    Your bike is so charming! It will be fun for us to see it as the flowers grow to overflowing and spill out over the sides!
    One of the few things I can grow in my shady yard is hosta and it is so exciting to see them poke their early leaves from the ground!
    I agree about Pinterest – if I’m not careful, it can absorb hours of my day without even thinking about it! But where else do you find such treasures all packed into one – ad free! – site?!
    Your iris photo is beautiful!


  13. Thumbelina81 says:

    Loved it. i wish i had a cent of your creative cells. The display is oh so beautiful. The bike stole my heart.


  14. Super bike! I’d love to see you having a ride around on it to see what reaction you got! Malc


  15. Both Projects are such fun!! I can’t wait to see how that bike looks a little later on in the year!! Please keep posting pictures! Your yard is a blooming, it’s actually nice that this year things are coming up when they should, it’s a little less overwhelming. I like your laundry marker tip, I have one of those and I never use it.


  16. I just dropped by from the Farm Blog Hop. I have seen that pintrest post with the bike. We have a ton of bikes but none that my husband will part with for yard art. But I love the way yours turned out.


  17. leduesorelle says:

    Mighty fine bike there, and fun project for it!


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