Gardening or blogging

It is that time of year when I have to choose – sit inside and blog about gardening or go outside and actually garden. Real gardening wins every time.

We have a small family farm, and we all have our roles. Some are starring and others are supporting, but we all have several hats we wear.

I have the starring role when it comes to taking care of the perennial beds of which we have many. Probably too many for a person my age. The heart and mind are willing, but sometimes the body is not so cooperative.

I am learning to not expand and to try to narrow the focus so there isn’t so much dead heading, pruning, dividing and weeding to do. I’m still working on my plan to enjoy more and work less. If any of you have been successful at that be sure and let me know how you did it. πŸ™‚

I also worked last Friday evening and Saturday morning at the Ask A Master Gardener table at a local plant sale. I love that plant sale – lots of experienced gardeners to talk to and hundreds of Β beautiful plants they have nurtured for sale. It is fun to see the crowds line up in the driveway and wait for the church bells to toll so they can get in to buy their plants. This coming weekend I’m working my County Master Gardener plant sale – more great gardeners and beautiful plants.

It has been dry here in NH but we had some rain on Sunday and we have the potential for some more this week and that is a really good thing.

We still have cool nights so the veggies I have planted are either underneath some nice toasty clear plastic juice bottles with the bottoms cut off or under my vented plastic I bought last year from Fedco. That was the best money I ever spent on something for the garden.

So, here are a few photos of what’s going on in the garden. I hope your weather is cooperating and that you are having plenty of time to work in your own gardens. I’ll be checking your blogs in the evening to see how you’re all doing but during the day you can find me outside with dirt under my nails and a smile on my face.

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17 Responses to Gardening or blogging

  1. Well hopefully you can make time for both…we would miss you here in the blog world.


  2. Ogee says:

    Garden by day; blog by night! No one can stay inside when there is a garden calling! πŸ™‚


  3. JSD says:

    Your garden looks beautiful! Here in my part of Michigan everything is getting toasted by the sun and heat while just a county or two away they are getting battered by high winds and storms.


  4. Beautiful. Hope you get some rain soon.


  5. I hear you, it’s like the day doesn’t have enough time in it for everything. But now we have some rain, so it’s hopefully time for computers, and blogging.



  6. Grandma Kc says:

    Your flowers are beautiful and I can certainly understand why you would rather be outside! Thanks for taking time out to share your photos.


  7. Not enough hours in the day to fit everything in…a song we all know well! Catch up when you can, and let the rest go πŸ™‚


  8. my problem as well….blog or sew or garden…..
    Thanks for the fabulous photos.


  9. Joyce says:

    What a peaceful existence! Yes, the work is hard and unrelenting, but the company and the rewards are priceless!
    Ooops! That sounds like a credit card commercial – but I think you know what I mean!


  10. Debra says:

    Hey there master judy! πŸ™‚ I grew all of these little heirloom mortgage lifter tomato plants from seed, and they were ready to plant. I put them here or there the other day. Next day the leaves were eaten off of half of them! I was like…where the heck did my babies go!! I don’t think the birds are eating them ? I actually think it was my dog! He kept going in the beds and I’d had some mushroom manure from my brother in law and the dogs acted like that was candy when I first spread it around. What do you think ?


    • Wow – Did you stop feeding your dogs again? Kidding. Do you have rabbits? Or is it slug damage? We put those red plastic drink cups with the bottom cut off around each plant so things can’t crawl across the soil to get to the stem. We also sprinkle crushed eggs shells around to deter slugs as well. If you have some old juice bottles, cut off the bottom and set them over each plant to cover them until they are a little larger. This is interesting if it is your dogs.


  11. Debra says:

    I think it was the dog! Some of the plants are just fine. So I think that any plant that had a speck of that mushroom manure on its leaf got eaten. Kind of like a veggie and dip snack and the manure was the snack! We do have rabbits here in the hood but that is why I have the veggies in the backyard now, in raised beds and the yard is fenced in. The last little bunny that crawled under the fence was killed by Jugsy ( fortunately for me on garbage pickup day ) and i try to discourage them from coming in the back by periodically throwing some lettuce etc on the FRONT lawn, ha ha. Good tip about the eggshells, though. I do eat eggs on a regular basis and can do that in case of slugs down the line….


  12. Karen says:

    I’m do understand…it is hard to blog when there is so much work to do outside. It takes me two full days just to mow our orchard. With all the rain, I’m finally catching up with everyones blogs. Really enjoyed your photos…they are lovely.


  13. This post is so true. We take so many photos and have so many great ideas to post about, but at the end of the day we find ourselves outside enjoying the long days.


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