Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


The world through my eyes today started with walking the garden after morning chores and capturing the last peony of 2013,  enjoying the beautiful seacoast of NH from New Castle Common, eating a delicious lunch of fried clams at Bob’s Clam Hut, followed by a trip to Blue Seal for feed and tomato cages.

It was a typical day for a New England small farmer taking a break from gardening. 🙂

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

  1. Roberta says:

    Wonderful images for this west coast gal..


  2. Lily Mugford says:

    thanks for the glimpse into your day… lovely photos, to illustrate.


  3. What a beautiful weekend you are having…


  4. Beautiful photos, and those fries clams are making me feel hungry!


  5. Grandma Kc says:

    Oh I want those clams! I love fried clams but I bet the kind you get locally must be a million times better!


  6. Joyce says:

    What a peaceful place to live! Your photos capture all of the serene beauty!


  7. Joe Owens says:

    I have a different looking peony with a woody stem. After it blooms in mid-April it is done for the year. Sometimes after the blooms are gone I can find seeds. I would love to plant them and get another plant or two. I have never been to your region, but would love to come and see it.


    • Your peony sounds interesting. I hope you get a chance to visit the New England area some time because it is a beautiful historical place with tons of things to see and do for all ages. 🙂


      • Joe Owens says:

        WE just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas and plan a short trip to South Carolina to visit our favorite beach. It seems when we set out for c=vacation we usually head south from Virginia.


  8. Looks like I am going to have to make a stop at Bob’s for clams. Any other places in NH you would recommend for clams?


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