Wordless Wednesday – Bane of my garden :-(

Japanese Beetles

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19 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Bane of my garden :-(

  1. Susan Adcox says:

    I love most of the earth’s creatures, but could do without mosquitoes and roaches. It looks as though you would add Japanese beetles to that list!


  2. pbmgarden says:

    I saw several a few weeks ago, but not lately. Of course it’s been too hot for me to be out gardening much. Hope yours go away soon.


  3. Oh these critters have given me so many headaches through the years…sigh.


  4. Shoo Beetle Shoo!

    SO humid here today the weather station even SAYS 100 % humidity!


  5. Away with the bug! Got some squash bugs myself. I hate those things. The mantises and the chickens seem to like them though.


  6. We’re having a rough year with them, too…but do want to know who’s eating them? The English sparrows, that I didn’t stop from nesting under the eaves this year. I sat for 20 minutes last night and watched them pick Japanese beetles off the green beans. I’ll never say another bad thing about those birds!


    • They’ve never eaten my annuals before but they are wiping them out. I’ve never wished for sparrows but I’d rather sit and watch them eat them than walk around with my milk jug trying to drown them and then feed them to the chickens. 🙂


  7. Grandma Kc says:

    I do hope they go away! Really glad we don’t have to deal with them and oddly our bug population seems to be down this summer?? We were just commenting not even as many flies; only saw one June Bug so far and NO green beetles which we usually get a lot of in June and July. Crossing my fingers for both of us!


  8. A Ponytail Kind of Day says:

    My biggest problem every year, I am trying 2 different natural ways to make them go away…..they are still here, lol


  9. Can’t stand those darn bugs. Must be the wet June that is making them so plentiful. Try beetle bags?


  10. Karen says:

    They are terrible…my basil looks like swiss cheese.


  11. gardeningshoe says:

    They do look pretty, but they’re so destructive… if only they would stick to chomping their way through the weeds.


  12. I just saw the first of these yesterday. They were on my Cuphea plants in the front containers.


  13. They are on almost everything this year! – grapes, roses, evening primrose, zinnias, hollyhock… yikes.
    Add to that tomato hornworms which I call caterpillars on steroids…


  14. They have been horrible this year. I just bought traps for them that I hear work really well.


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