Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


Built in the 1700’s, Trevi Fountain in Rome is considered by many to be the most beautiful fountain in the world. Tradition holds if you throw a coin into the water you will be assured a return visit.

For those who like classic movies, you may remember the 1950’s romantic comedy, Three Coins in a Fountain, that included a scene at Trevi Fountain.

If ever in Rome, be sure to put it on your list of required stops.

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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

  1. Tina Schell says:

    When I was at Trevi it was being re-nabbed and there was no water!! Happy to see it restored-lovely shot!


  2. A classic masterpiece.



  3. Robert Edler says:

    Well, that’s another one to add to the bucket list. Now, if I can only win the lottery.


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    I completely agree with Robert above! But thank you for letting us live vicariously through you in the meantime! That is really a beautiful picture.


  5. Joyce says:

    I agree – world’s most beautiful fountain – timeless! I have never had the fortune of being there – so glad you got the chance!


  6. I adore old films and movies…thanks for mentioning this…I will definitely check it out.


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