Bucklet List: Quilts ✓

I’ve enjoyed sewing for many years, but moving beyond my comfort zone and making a quilt was on my bucket list.

So, who better to make quilts for than my two grandchildren. And, not quilts to include just plain blocks but blocks that would evoke fond memories of their childhood – pets, camping, gardening, farming, music, hobbies, and all in their favorite colors.

I also made several blocks to include state stars to reflect where each child, parents and grandparents were born plus one for the New England region. I embroidered the names on each and then each child’s name, date, and my name on a heart block.

My grandson’s quilt included money fabric because he saves all his money and card fabric because he does love a good game of cards.

Horses which she loves and guitars which are her passion were included in my granddaughter’s quilt.

I made a lot of mistakes, too many to count, but learned a lot through the process. I couldn’t have finished the project without two bloggers that have years of experience and graciously share their knowledge.

Stitching Grandma was so much help not only with information posted on her blog but she also answered numerous questions and offered suggestions to help this novice.

The Gourmet Quilter has great tutorials on her site, and I would take the laptop right to the sewing machine and watch the video. In some cases, I must confess I watched them more than once.

There are so many skilled quilters who blog that the list is endless. They are all talented and share information, tips, and patterns. Some of the ones I read regularly are listed on my Blogroll Page.

My next quilting project will be easier. Yes, there will be another one to start once the weather cools down and I’m in for the winter. In the meantime, I’m doing some DIY to get my work area better organized.

I hope when my grandchildren are tucked under their quilts they feel the love that went into making each block. Love them both to the moon and back. 🙂


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19 Responses to Bucklet List: Quilts ✓

  1. Oh, they will Judy…my kids all have quilts my mother made, and I have some from my great-grandmother…there’s no feeling quite like it. Sadly, Mom damaged her hand and wrist several years ago and can’t sew anymore, but my sister-in-law has taken up quilting, and made all the littlest ones Christmas quilts last year…
    Your projects are lovely and full of meaning. Who could ask for more? 🙂


  2. Elizabeth - Lili & Mum's says:

    You did such a great job! I’m sure they’ll cherish them forever. My grandmother made me a quilt top that I still need to have quilted or try to quilt myself. It’s still special, even though it’s unfinished.


  3. My mother in law is the quilter in our family, one day hoping to have these passed down to us☺ Your work is amazing my friend.


  4. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful. I bet each child feels your love everyday. My sister just made a lap quilt for me for my birthday–very special gift.


  5. Ogee says:

    Beautiful. I’m sure they will be treasured!


  6. What a beautiful and love filled gift to make and give


  7. I crochet but could not fathom making a quilt like that


  8. BOTH are done..already? ! I am impressed!

    .oh my goodness and they are just gorgeous! I love that money fabric and the ship block and oh look at the sunbonnet sue and horses here and there…Of course they are going to feel the love when they are snuggled under these! 🙂 So much sweet variety and attention to detail…love ’em ! And I have to love quilts with mistakes because that is the only kind I can make, lol. Then again, those are the kind you can throw out on the front lawn for a tea party ….I just did this on Sunday with some kids and a couch quilt! 🙂 FAKE FOOD, though…I am not so crazy as to have kids and real food sitting on a hand made quilt with or without my mistakes.

    Anyway, Judy..congratulations on a spectacular finish! 🙂


  9. Connie says:

    Wow I am impressed! They are beautiful and I love the different blocks. Gives me a few ideas……thanks for sharing with us all!


  10. Susan Adcox says:

    These are absolutely beautiful. I love the way you used traditional motifs yet adapted them to fit your grandchildren’s interests. Kudos!


  11. Grandma Kc says:

    They are both just beautiful! Quilting is just something I don’t have the patience or desire to do – but I still love them. Your grandchildren are going to love them, too and they will have them — and a piece of you — with them forever. Good Job, Grandma!


  12. Those are absolutely beautiful!! What lucky grandchildren you have! They will treasure them forever. I love quilts but I’m terrible at sewing, maybe that will improve someday!


  13. Are we supposed to believe that those are your first quilts??? They are gorgeous! Well done. Who doesn’t make mistakes while they sew? The end result is perfection!


  14. Those are AMAZING, Judy!!! And they’ll be cherished always. I still have the first quilt my grandmother made me . . . many of the squares are scraps of clothes she made for me, too. Quilts are such treasures!


  15. These are beautiful. I don’t know how I missed this post ((I think the grandkids were here….) The beautiful work you have done will be a treasure throughout their lives. I love all the blocks. Now that the bucket list has a check mark beside it, do you think you will continue to pursue the hobby?? You are such a busy lady. I ‘m thinking you jmanage your time more efficiently than I !!


    • I love quilting and there is always so much more to learn. I must admit I do spend the majority of the warm months gardening and then quilt during the cold months. One of my challenges it that with such a small family, what does one do with all the anticipated projects? LOL


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