How the garden goes and grows

This has been a challenging gardening season from the very start with extreme temperatures and rain fall all over the charts. Evening temperatures are supposed to get down in the 40’s several nights this week. How do you think the tomatoes will like that? Not so much I’m thinking.

The vegetable garden is going strong. The broccoli, cauliflower, and peas are done for the season. We’re still eating zucchini, lettuce, cucumbers and had some delicious string beans this week. The beets and carrots are coming along.

TomatoThe tomatoes are just starting to turn, but the plants aren’t exactly loaded and we’ve been fighting the blight for weeks.

Will all the tomatoes ripen before the plants just finally gasp their last breath or a frost gets them? We’ll see.

The raspberry canes were loaded and produced a wonderful bounty. I even started another row so that next year there will be even more to enjoy.

There won’t be blueberries on site this season because the bushes have finally revolted and didn’t produce. They need more sun, and we got the message loud and clear – they need to be moved this fall.

The perennials are doing great with the Cone Flowers, Browned Eyed Susans, grasses, and Phlox in full bloom right now.

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve started my fall to-do-list, and it is getting longer as I look at plants that need to be moved around a bit. Also on the list are the raised beds which are definitely going to need a heavy dose of organic matter.

But, that is what we gardeners do – we plan, plant, move, work the soil, and then move again. Here’s wishing you a great week of gardening.

So, how’s your garden growing and what’s on your list of fall chores?

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10 Responses to How the garden goes and grows

  1. Pat says:

    Everything looks good to me. Some of my fondest memories over the years have revolved around gardening.


  2. Weeding is high on my list after a week of sun and rain.
    I have gathered some lovely soft fruit this week, which I have frozen and am making fruit infused vinegars with the rest 🙂
    Courgettes (zucchini) are bursting out in an unstoppable river, so it’s courgette pasta for tea tonight…..and very soon the tomatoes will be ripe


  3. What a great post. You have a busy season ahead of you. Our autumn plan looks very busy too as we have been asked to open our garden for the famous Yellow Book next year so we are trying to plan how to fill gaps.


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    Sure wish I was there to help you eat those green beans, one of my favorites! My garden consists of my lilies and my plumerias. I just took 5 cuttings off of the plumerias last week that I hope will be ready to pot by Friday — 2 of them aren’t looking so good but time will tell. I also ordered 6 new bulbs to add to the lilies later this fall when I divide some of the current bulbs. I’m looking forward to it.


  5. leduesorelle says:

    So very true, it’s been a slow season. Hopefully, things will catch up and we’ll make it up in the next 2 months, but, like you, the tomatoes are barely loaded and it’s a race against disease. Thank goodness for local farmers!


  6. I sure do miss the cone flowers and the brown eye susans!! We had them in plentiful stock in our backyard up north, but down here in the tropics a no go…sigh. I will just have to enjoy yours♥


  7. The tomato situation here is driving me NUTS. The local BIG farms have them for sale so of course I am buying a few for salads and sandwiches but I don’t want to spend the money on a bulk purchase for canning or preserving …waiting for MY tomatoes for that. Yet it looks from the sight of them that I could wait for weeks and weeks. Plants are huge…tomatoes are dark green.
    At least there is my patio tomato plant, ha ha …two little cherry like tomatoes each day, whoopie-do 🙂


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