Where have they gone?

I thought I’d planned well.BBush

For many years, I have had a lot of the suggested perennials for a successful butterfly garden, and we do not spray anywhere on the property.

Purple Coneflowers, Yellow Coreopsis, Orange Blanket Flowers, Phlox in every color, six Butterfly bushes, Zinnias, Peonies, Yarrow in several colors,  Autumn Joy Sedum, Marigolds, and drifts of Black Eyed Susans along with bird baths are scattered around while milk weed fills an entire planting area.

A few years ago, the grandkids and I certified the garden as a Monarch Waystation because we were so proud of our dedication and ability to attract butterflies.

But, this year is different.

LilyThere are basically no butterflies to be seen.

When the day lilies first started blooming, I saw one. It’s a good thing I had my camera with me to document my one lone sighting.

So, I ask because I’m concerned. Are you seeing butterflies in the same quantity this year?

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13 Responses to Where have they gone?

  1. pbmgarden says:

    You do have many good plants for butterflies. We’ve had as many or more butterflies, but fewer varieties. Hardly any bees this year.


  2. Ogee says:

    I think we have all of your butterfiles and bees…and wasps and mosquitos. We’ll gladly share some of the first two, if you’ll take all of the other two!


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Everyone should click your picture so that they can see it full screen as it truly is beautiful. We don’t often have a lot of butterflies in our yard but a few and it has been about the same. Now my sister in Michigan usually has lots and lots of them on her flowers and butterfly weed and she commented that she had not seen very many this year…


  4. I have had a very similar experience. This year has been particularly bad for butterflies, I think because of the cold spring. All we can do is be patient and hope for better.


  5. Joyce says:

    Now that you mention it, no, I have not seen many butterflies at all this summer. We have a bank of Bee Balm along the edge of the woods and those usually attract them, but not this year. There’s no shortage of hummingbirds, though, thankfully.


  6. It has been the same here in the UK. We had very few butterflies until a few days ago and now we have lots. Must be the weather although the general decrease is down to loss of habitat and changes in farming practices.


  7. I don’t generally expect the Monarchs until about now, and I’ve seen a few. Swallowtails, more than last year. The next 3 weeks or so will tell on the others…I carefully protected every milkweed plant I could find this year, and will take the seedpods to places where we can establish new stands…


  8. Karen says:

    I was just mentioning this to my husband the other day. Last year our gardens were full of butterflies, this year there haven’t been many at all. 😦


  9. I have butterflies …was just watching one yesterday that landed on a zinnia up front and it stayed on the zinnia for quite awhile. And the last time I took pics of a butterfly, come to think of it, was on a zinnia by the side. I have no clue if I have more or less this year, though. I do know that I have tons and tons of bees. I know that bees are in trouble but not here at my place this year. They are everywhere, on every flower and bush. Hundreds of them on each rose of sharon alone, and more on the hydrangea, russian sage, sunflowers, zinnias, morning glories, etc. I will try to pay more attention to the butterflies!


    • I’m glad you are seeing ‘some’ because I’m still not seeing any – I mean none. The butterfly bushes are used covered, and there isn’t one butterfly anywhere to be seen. We’ve seen a fair amount of bees which is a good thing.


  10. Balisha says:

    We have quite a few butterflies this year and lots of bees. We don’t however, have Monarchs. I wrote a blog post about the year when they paid us a visit during their migration and filled our pine trees, just yesterday.


  11. We have no butterflies either this year and we had a ton last year. I am hopeful they are on a cycle of their own.


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