Quilting DIY

It’s fall and except for a couple of days of severe deadheading, winterizing the Coleman and stacking wood pellets, the outside chores are about finished for the year.

It’s time to move into my sewing room where a few weeks ago I started two small quilts. In each row I embroidered a block using my Brother Embroidery PE770. For a person who likes to sew, an embroidery machine is like  having the best toy in town.

But, each embroidery piece differs in size and color and you need to be able to step back and look at them in order to move them around. For this, I needed a quilting board.

After a few minutes on Pinterest, I found out how different people have built a variety of quilting boards.  I decided for now all I needed was a small one so I could evaluate how much I use it before making a big one that I’ll have to store.

So, off to the barn I went to grab a bag of styrofoam I knew was there. On the way back I picked up the white duct tape and a utility knife. I moved the pieces around like a puzzle on my kitchen island, got them where I wanted them, trimmed a couple edges, and taped them together with the duct tape.

Then I went to my fabric stash for a piece of off white felt left over from a project. I used sewing pins like you would upholstery tacks to hold the felt on the board in case I decide to repurpose it again in the future.


For $0 I now have a small quilting board. Ah, repurposing it is a good thing.


Hope your week is filled with things that make you happy. 🙂

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10 Responses to Quilting DIY

  1. Joyce says:

    Learned many moons ago – in art education classes – that things can look far different when viewed at a distance then they do when you hover a foot above them! You sure found a thrifty solution to your problem – and ended up with a very sweet, charming, perfectly balanced baby quilt!


  2. What a great project! I’m not a quilter yet, but I’m definitely bookmarking this for “someday”! Thank you, Judy! 🙂


  3. Susan Adcox says:

    Great idea, and beautiful quilt. I admire quilters so. Quilters must possess excellent sewing skills and a good aesthetic sense as well.


  4. JSD says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. It’s a darling quilt.


  5. sueturner31 says:

    Yes …winter is slowly coming to the UK…but we are still enjoying a bit of an indian summer…I also retreat to the workroom in the winter where I will produce art textiles from all the inspirational photos I have taken during the summer…looking forward to sharing with you.


  6. Very creative of you….look forward to seeing the results of your quilting 🙂


  7. Grandma Kc says:

    Your quilting board came out great! And free is always good! Your quilt is just beautiful – I do love those embroidered squares! So cute!


  8. Clever! 🙂 Temps in the low 70’s all weekend here! 🙂


  9. Very interesting…I never knew how quilters start out making their pattern…now I know the secret…thanks to you.


  10. sued51 says:

    A darling quilt…as someone else mentioned above…this is on my “someday” list…


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