Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinite Collage

Infinite means extending beyond which is how much we love our grandchildren, and how much we all enjoy camping with friends at New Hampshire State Parks, Hampton Beach and Lake Winnepesaukee. Life is good.  🙂


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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

  1. Joyce says:

    And I think your grandchildren enjoy a great sense of security knowing how well loved they are by people who take so much time and care to give them such a variety of wholesome experiences!


  2. What wonderful childhood memories you are building for the grandkids. How special for all of you to be together. I was blessed to spend a lot of time with mine this summer. Missing my 3 who have gone with mommy & daddy to live in Africa. 😦


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  4. sueturner31 says:

    I cannot agree more….the love you feel for your grandchildren is totally different from the love you have for your own children…I have goose bumps every time I think about seeing our two for the first time ….cherish these times…x


  5. Grandma Kc says:

    You are so right! We love them infinity times infinity — plus one! Beautiful pictures!


  6. The greatest symbols for infinity are the ocean on the coast and the sky on the plains.


  7. I think that’s why the Hebrew words for water (mayim) and sky (shamayim) are so closely related.


  8. Beyond infinity describes the relationship so beautifully! Love the bond we both have with the little ones. Makes coming here even more delightful. Happy Monday to you.


  9. AH that is a sweet post and great scenery as well 🙂


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