DIY – Ironing Board

A couple of years ago, I bought a folding wooden TV tray at Chickensour local Habitat for Humanity store for $5.

I painted it with exterior paint to match our chicken coop, and we used it for a table to hold supplies when we did chores.

But I needed a small ironing board near my sewing machine so I brought it in, repainted it, and covered it with a scrap of ironing board material. It worked great for small seams when sewing or quilting. (Of course, I went back to Habitat for Humanity to purchase another table that I repurposed.)

After buying an embroidery machine this year, I was constantly looking for more space to hoop my projects and this little table (14 1/2 x 19 1/2) just didn’t have enough surface work area.

My husband bought a piece of 1/2″ plywood, attached it to the top of the TV tray (from the bottom) and now I have a work surface measuring 19 x 28. (When determining the size, we made sure it could still fold up and be stored.) I painted it white to match the rest of my furniture and then covered it with a larger piece of ironing board material.


It now makes a nice ironing board and embroidery work surface.


If I can’t garden when winter approaches, I can still find endless challenges sewing, serging, quilting and embroidering.   🙂


The sewing table is from JoAnn’s, and it holds the sewing machine and the serger on an extension arm. The embroidery table is actually an old computer table from Habitat for Humanity. I paid $35 for the wood table, my husband cut a few inches off, and I painted it. It is a solid piece that works well for the constant movement of the embroidery machine.

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14 Responses to DIY – Ironing Board

  1. sue turner says:

    Brilliant idea..and such a neat work room ,,,must post mine after a tidy..what do you like doing most in your work room…


  2. You are a genius my friend…who knew?! happy monday to you.


  3. Thanks for the peak into your sewing room! Your set up looks very efficient! Great idea about the ironing station. I have a less than permanent setup which needs to be change; but I am not certain how I want to do it. This gave me some good ideas. Winter will be here soon, time to quilt!


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    Wonderful ideas! Creative and economical, too! Your sewing area looks so nice and organized!


  5. Susan Adcox says:

    Wow! Your work area is too neat. Great ideas, though!


  6. Neat idea and it would be portable to carry to classes and retreats.


  7. I have some miniature board here ( somewhere, lol ) and I still run up and down the steps to press, lol…like an idiot. And your post reminded me “debra you are an idiot / set up your little board in the dining room ” but then the OTHER part of debra said ” yes but if you run up and down the steps, you can have a cookie …you’ll burn off the calories”.



    • Having the small ironing board right next to the machines allow me to get more sewing done in a small amount of time. But, I’d do anything for a cookie too so I can just wait a second walk down stairs to get something, forget what it was, and walk back up and get my cookie. 🙂


  8. Can’t wait for winter to commence, and stay inside and get back to my fiber projects scattered all around the house!


  9. JSD says:

    Great ideas! And I’m very jealous of the oh-so neat sewing area. 🙂


  10. gooseyanne says:

    Isn’t it great when you are able to adapt and reuse something?


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