Artterro Eco Art Journal Kit – Review

Artterro Eco Art Kits in Madison, WI, offers over a dozen different art kits for children ranging in age from 7-12. The cost of the kits are from $12.95 to $26.95.

My grandchildren received two Art Journal Kits to review.

Artterro Art Journal Kit

The journals are 6.5″x8″, spiral bound, include solid book board covers, heavy weight paper throughout, a folder to hold small items, and provide many pages of ideas on how to utilize the journal. All your little artist needs to get started are writing materials of their choice, safety scissors and glue.


Once the child puts their special talents to work the journal becomes something special they can use and retain to showcase their artwork.

If the upcoming holidays include children visiting, an Artterro Art Kit would be a wonderful item to have available to use and keep them challenged. Or if you are a long-distance grandparent and are always on the lookout for gifts with a learning aspect that would be easy to ship, this could be a great option. At my house, it would also fit nicely in a stocking on the mantle or an Art Journal would also fit into the pocket on the back of a car seat ready to be used on a long trip.

Besides the wonderful assortment of art kits, Artterro is also concerned about our environment and our economy. Their packaging is created with sustainability in mind and the kits are assembled for shipment by employees of Goodwill. Sustainability and assembled in the USA – now that’s a good thing.

Check them out at Artterro Eco Art Kits and see if there is a kit with your child or grandchild’s name on it. Happy shopping!


I would like to thank Artterro Eco Art Kits for allowing me the opportunity to review these two Art Journals. I did not receive additional compensation for writing my review. The review framework did not guarantee a positive review in exchange for the receipt of their product. This review contains both facts about the product and my opinion of its acceptance by children.

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8 Responses to Artterro Eco Art Journal Kit – Review

  1. Good morning! Wondering what the “youngest” age for this would be? Have an almost 6 year to consider….


  2. I would have been all over this when my kids were little! Looks to be a great educational yet fun christmas present!


  3. Joyce says:

    Great! Not only a gift that invites creativity, but one with some structure so that getting started is not an easy thing to put off. I think this would fill a need in a hard-to-buy-for age range. I also like your ideas for gift occasions!


  4. Jessica from Artterro here. Thanks for the review! To answer Stitching Grandma’s question, a six year old will get a lot out of this journal, just by having a beautiful selection of colorful collage paper and drawing paper to use, decorating the cover, filling up the little pocket, etc. But he or she may not be able to use all the written advice and tips on how to get started. That said, most six year olds don’t need any prompts on how to be creative, it comes naturally to them! The product was designed to be absolutely perfect for older kids and tweens, but to be appropriate for all ages. Thanks!


  5. This is a beautiful kit for children…with all the amazing colors here they will be very inspired to create. Blessings.


  6. Grandma Kc says:

    I LOVE getting presents that are fun and teach! Amara loves all things art and the problem now is going to be which one(s) to get her! Thank you!


  7. Too bad I didn’t have this when my kids were the right age.


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