Wordless Wednesday – Simpler times


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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Simpler times

  1. Susan Adcox says:

    There’s nothing quite like a swing. I used to push my grandchildren until my arms would be sore the next day. Now they don’t need me to push them any more!


    • When we recently visited Kansas, this swing is in the backyard of the little two-bedroom house my husband and his eight siblings grew up in. Good thing they had a large basement that could hold beds for the boys. 🙂 And, it is a sad state of affairs when the grandkids don’t need a push anymore. But, we do have lots of good memories from taking the time to spend with them.


  2. Rebecca Anne says:

    I loved that time growing up. I would swing away and just enjoy being outdoors. : )


  3. Joyce says:

    This reminds me of the time my sisters and I decided to make our own swing set out of broomsticks and rope. Grandpa saw our clumsy efforts and offered to buy us a real one. Mother declined because she thought we’d get hurt. Compare your picture to the elaborate “jungle gyms” that kids have in their backyards now. I think I’d like this simple swing much better!


  4. no better toy in summer than a swing 🙂


  5. I remember there was a playground near my kids’ day care when they were little. After picking them up we would go there so I could push them in the swing. Thanks for bringing back those memories.


  6. Grandma Kc says:

    What a wonderful picture and it does just make memories come swelling up. We are never to old to swing!


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